2019 Week 13: Marshall

Bowl qualification for the first time is on the line. Time to put on the big boy pants and do work!

clt says this is the biggest game ever at the Rich


Charlotte has two weeks to prepare and can lay it all on the line for this game.

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clt says Benny should be good to go!


Two weeks to prepare will help, if we have Benny back that’ll go a long way as well.

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Playing a couple of games without Lemay may turn out to be a blessing. McAlister and Finger have really stepped up, and that will make us harder to game plan for, and more effective on the field.

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Defense continuing to step up will be critical, again. Like the Niners chances.

This is obvious, but defense needs to be locked in from the opening kick. This is not a game where we can afford to give up 14 right off the bat.


This will show us if we have improved like I hope we have or not. North Texas is a good win, but they are down this year for whatever reason. We havent beat a real solid team yet, and the FU schools killed us.

Marshall will come in ready to play hard and win the conference. Lambert knows our players better than everyone else, and that will give them an edge. But hopefully the stadium will be electric, and we can knock them off. I hope we keep it close and win, but I see us losing by 7 to 10.

As we all know, Lambert is good at keeping us from bowling…


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Would be awesome if our video person put this on the board during the game!!!

Marshall is interesting - have never seen a HC bio that listed salary (Doc Halliday at $755k/ yr) as well as largest appearance fee ($1.4M from USC)

I just know that every time a tornado cuts through Huntington, it does +$1M in urban renewal.

I really hope we do NOT defer receiving the kickoff if we win the coin toss. Our defense has started slow all season.

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The team with the best record in our conference is apparently not favored to win this week’s game…interesting.


I’d be kind of surprised, and really worried about next week, if L-Tech loses that game. They did play a nail biter against a terrible Rice team though, so who knows.

It’s a marshall home game. Maybe that’s why.

I’m sure that’s a major factor, but their records would seem to indicate that LA Tech should at least be a tossup in this game, not a dog.

Who should we pull for la tech vs marshall, and why? Thanks.

No reason to root for either other than I would like to have fau win the conference. So I’m pulling for Tech. I have no problem with Marshall, but I think their fans bite.

Have to agree with @Tintin. The worst case for us is if Marshall gets a big lead and runs away with it, and thus their starters get to rest, but otherwise the winner is relatively immaterial for the next game. A LA Tech blowout could also get Marshall riled up for our game, so that would be no bueno. Best case is a tight and hard fought game where Marshall doesn’t feel the need to vindicate themselves on us the next week.