2019 Week 8: Western Kentucky

Currently leading the East with wins over FIU, Army, ODU, and UAB. We’re going to need a lot of things to go right to be competitive in this one.


We have to be able to slow the run down, we do and we have a good chance. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to yet this year so say your prayers to the football gods.

Anyone making the trip over?

Slow down the run is not a recipe we have in our cookbook…so if that’s the answer it may not be pretty.

I have to believe WKU doesn’t have the size or athleticism of our last two opponents.

But they beat FIU…so.

WKU beat FIU but that doesn’t mean we may match up better with WKU than we did against FIU.

Keep Alive Brother!

Doesn’t feel like the game we get things back on track, especially being a road game. Walker is a very good running back for them.

Reading this really makes me hope we can find some magic Saturday.

clt says our graduation rates should help us bowl

Game notes

Game is on espn+ though no link is provided on charlotte49ers.com.

Beat the spread!

I don’t know what else to pull for at this point.

Clt’s name is on the scoreboard at WKU!

clt is everywhere

Clt is playing lousy defense.

EDIT: Clt is playing NO defense.


clt says bad tackling and a flea flicker

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EDIT: Clt is playing NO defense.

this - looks like we couldn’t tackle a pee-wee team. Like the aggressive play on 3rd down though- needs to pay off at some point.