2020-21 C-USA Basketball

I’d be fine with this. If we could do home and homes with the East teams and then 4 west teams I would like this arrangement a lot more than the previous model. I’d like to see us get UAB as a western game every year. The others I’m indifferent on.

In CUSA 1.0 they went to three divisions - the Red, White and Blue. It was confusing. I think that lasted a year or two, then they went to two divisions. Proof that commissioners and ADs do not necessarily have a clue either.

Yep, the 3 division thing was one that Mike Slive didn’t get right. Would have to say he did pretty well otherwise.

Kotie Kimble #4 on this list:

Is the team on campus? Saw current roster which included all freshmen so assume so.

Yes, they are posting practice/workout pics on social media


Three Man Weave preseason picks:

2 North Texas
3 LA Tech
4 Marshall
10 FIU
11 Middle Tennessee
12 Southern Miss
13 FAU
14 Rice

Niners recognition:

Freshman of the Year: Jared Garcia

Second Team: Jahmir Young

Third Team: Jordan Shepherd

Five teams in the CSM Top 144:

68 WKU (C-USA #1)
86 North Texas (C-USA #2)
107 Marshall (C-USA #3)
124 ODU (C-USA #4)
136 UAB (C-USA #5)

The Three Man Weave is a good article (above), and the writer seems to actually know us which is different. No question that we have a lot of unknown players this year, and certainly we lost some talent, but I am excited about this team. With Covid, who knows if we will see us grow into a team, but I think we have a chance to be much better than #7 in C-USA.