2020 Football Coaching Carousel

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Looks like Monken is the leader in the club house. I think I would stay at Army but the triple option would probably hunt in the SEC. Totally different prep than every other game.

Paul Johnson won 4 division titles and averaged almost 8 wins a year in the ACC. Monken could do the same I think and hang the moon in Nashville

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That seems like their best move, IMO.

Agree, good for Vandy but not as much so for Monken

Healy stated very clearly this morning that he is not taking the vandy job, and he is excited to return to charlotte next year.

That doesn’t rule him out of other openings.


Is illinois really gonna do better than Lovie?

He had some nice wins the last couple years. Usually don’t even hear about them down here, but I had lately.

And so much for the not much coaching carousel during Covid theory. P5 still happy to press the eject button

Will mentioned perfect fit. He didn’t deny he has his eye on other jobs just that he is looking for a specific situation. I said it before and I’ll say again I think he wants UT job.

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He’s not taking the Vandy job b/c they don’t want him. It’s become clear to me that he needs at least several very, very good seasons before he’s able to make that kind of jump. Here he has been mediocre at best.

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Somebody call Gus Malzahn and offer him the OC position. He is too good to be in that role for us, but you don’t get if you don’t ask.

Gus is gonna get a head coaching job at a lower level P5 school if he wants it. If not he can be an OC anywhere.

Most Illini folks I know were surprised. Smith did just enough to hang on for a few more seasons but was already on edge. I hope to be in Champaign next fall to see the Niners W. I’ve been to many games there since my wife’s family is all Illini.

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Gus will be working for CBS next season

Auburn isn’t going to do much better under Freeze or whoever they hire. The things that are for sure death, taxes, and Auburn wanting to fire their football coach.

UT job? So did Bobby. He thought he had it. Didn’t get it and was never the same coach for us again.

Agreed, no coincidence he didn’t make this “clear” until their top choice for HC is made clear. I don’t think he’s being picky, I think he’s throwing his name in these hats and just not being the top choice.