2020 Football Schedule

Per multiple CUSA team Twitter accounts, the schedule will be released today at 2pm.


I hope Norfolk State is down next season. With such a short turnaround after already playing Tennessee, the team will need to rest some players.


7 days rest not enough? Or you mean duke 5 days after Norfolk?

You look at that schedule and the concern is a 5-7 FCS team?

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I like this schedule. Only one back to back home weekend. Schedule also offers the opportunity to make some of the away games.

3 games in 12 days. Two away against P5 teams with a trap game sandwiched in between. NSU has given ODU tough games in the past. It’s not that I think they’ll likely beat us, but it sure would be nice to rest our starters some in that game, for the other two.

Nice to finally get to skip a Halloween week game.

Think I’ll aim to make the dook game. Hate it’s on a Thursday night, as our fan attendance will be negatively affected, but being on ESPN (I expect) is a plus.

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I’m 100% in for UT and Duke.


We’re going kill Norfolk State. We’ll beat them by as much as we want.


Only game ODU won last year.

We need to go undefeated at home. Roads wins will be tough with this schedule.

7-5 or 8-4 for 2020. We need to push to be playing in conference championship game.


Need 2-2 or 3-1 OOC and then push for at least 6 wins in conference. I know coach welcomes expectations because it means we are headed the right direction.

This just in. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/latest-news/article239901888.html

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