2020 Men's Basketball Conference Tournament

Oh Conference Tournament, how we’ve missed you! :heart_eyes:

We will play the winner of the 5-12 game, and right now that would be FIU (5) or UTEP (12). I like our chances.


Please not FIU again.



Based on tie-break format… I believe UTEP wins the tiebreaker over Rice (both with the 3-way calculation including UTSA and just head-to-head with Rice and UTEP). That would make UTEP #11 and Rice #12 (as of now)

Not sure I want to face Rice either.

So nice to be back in the Tourney! Let’s make a run!! I guess our guys will get their first experience with The Curtain

The announcers brought up an interesting point last night after the broadcast. They said shooters tend to struggle in large football facilities (like in Frisco) and that could benefit us with our style of play. It will hurt other teams more than it would affect us was their point.

Somebody call our stats guy for confirmation.

We are down to about 8 healthy bodies now with both Luka and Bertram done for the year

Hasn’t this been debunked? This has been said for years, but is there research to back it up? Is there a Myth Busters episode we could watch?

Yeah I’ve heard this for years too but have always wondered if there’s any validity. I remember going into our 2003 game at Syracuse it was said that the cavernous area would screw up our shooters. Then Plavy proceeded to hit ten threes. Chris Sager hit a few as well as I remember.


Looking forward to seeing the brackets and TV options announced tomorrow so my next week of life can be planned.

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Didn’t you say you were retired? Retirement should be a floating in the wind life. Or maybe it was someone else.

Yep. Retired. Not stopped living, so some planning still required so as not to totally float in the wind. THAT is not what you want to end up doing.

Here’s the layout at the Star:


I’m glad they labelled the curtain. :laughing:

CBS Sports Network has the semi finals on Friday starting at 2PM. They also have the finals on Saturday at 8:30PM.

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What’s the word on the quarterfinals? Lovely ?CUSA TV?

Looks like stadium/Facebook for us Thursday

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Quarterfinals have facebook and stadium.