2020 Niner Baseball Thread

Now that the new coaching staff has been named, it is time to turn the page toward the 2020 baseball season. School starts back in a few weeks and this will be a very important Fall season for the baseball program.

Here is a break down the 49ers 2020 Coaching staff.


We knew this coach was into analytics, but he is really looking to bring this to Charlotte in a big way.

Fired up that @drivelinebases is coming by campus Saturday to spend the day with our @CharlotteBSB staff, see the facilities we have here & talk plans. Excited for our current and future players here in the program.

— Robert Woodard (@rwoodard20) August 5, 2019

That sounds like loads of fun.

Recent interview with Gerry V:

Looks like we are getting ECU at home for a series,



Good find. Looks like it was signed before Hibbs left. I would assume that the coaching change would not affect this series.

We are also supposed to be hosting App State at the new ballpark in Kannapolis next year.


Happy to see the investment in baseball that has been lacking for years. I am sure our coaching staff salary has significantly increased and bringing in some of this technology shows a big investment in the program. I am glad Mike Hill is on board. Woodard had unlimited resources at his previous job. It is not the same case here, but hopefully we can make a big jump compared to where we were.

Speaking of, I saw that the GS Club will be adjusted and a few different levels have been added.

That pdf won’t show on my phone mr b. What are the levels?

The new levels of the Grand Slam Club will feature new donation levels as well as new experiences to be announced at a later date.

The new seven tier levels will be …
On Deck, Single, Double, Triple, Home Run, Grand Slam and Gold Standard.

Gold Standard level gets you pasta primavera served on Cinco de Mayo, crammed into half the upstairs suite while the other half goes unused, lol.

Oh I saw that. I just didn’t know if there were deets available

Interesting side note that one of EZU posters observed that Hibbs was on the way out anyway and had a similar record as the softball coach. That boy be a dumb shit.

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Driveline coming our way. Best in the business. These guys are very serious about player development being at the top of the priority list.


clt says we should have some niners at the roval

Player development is so key at this level. Love it

Hibbs gets the shaft for umpteen years and Chapel Hill guy comes in. Boom! More resources!

You’re probably trolling but the resources we’re going to happen one way or the other. Mike Hill values baseball a little differently than the previous leader.

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Yea, I heard baseball got some more resources ($) last year. Regardless of the circumstances, I’m disappointed that Hibbs isn’t here for the real windfall. FWIW, the very first conversation I had with Mike I mentioned that baseball had been neglected forever. For personal reasons, I care a lot less now than I did at that time.

Huh? Is that meant as a positive or negative statement about the current situation?

I like baseball, but it is a neglected sport at most universities. Just the way it is.