2021-22 49er Basketball ⛏️🏀

It’s nearly that time… :pick::basketball::pick::basketball::pick::basketball:


I am surprised both Brice and Jared are back. Glad they are. I am looking for a bounce back season this year. This team will beat expectations.


Would hope so. After 9-16 and a loss to Belmont Abbey expectations are pretty much at an all time low at this point.

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clt predicts 20 wins

This… THIS is our year!!! :rofl:

If Sanchez can’t win against this schedule with these solid transfers with plenty of experience… he has no hope.


Expectations at an all time low? Uhhh, no.

Been following this team since 1990.
9-16 is as bad of a season as we have had since then…and we have never lost at home to a D2 school. We did both last year.

Don’t quite understand how your expectations are not at an alltime low considering that…but they are for me.


I have to admit, I forgot what our record was last season. I didn’t realize it was that bad. Ugh.

Think it’s obvious that Sanchez tried to reload the roster. I think several of you speculated that he did so after Hill told him he needs to win now. FWIW, I tend to agree with that sentiment.

I’m also a little more optimistic because he did so. If he had stubbornly held his ground… no bueno, IMO.

Filling a roster with proven transfers vs roll of the dice freshman is a great recipe for success given our recent recruiting. I hope we win this year and Sanchez can get some more transfers.

clt says we are loaded, let’s go!

4everniner thinks clt may have been loaded when he typed his post. :laughing:
Certainly hope he is right, though. 4everniner likes Sanchez and wants him to succeed here. 4everniner is also weary of losing to bad basketball teams.

No, it’s not. Prices teams were worse and "expectations " aren’t just based off the previous season anyway…unless you’re just lazy…btw, I’ve been following the team since the early 80s.

This is Sanchez’s year for results or get to packing. Nice guy but just W bizness


Ok…great. Go have a cookie. Why the hell do you care so much about arguing this stupid topic?

With all the incoming transfers my hopes are high. But MY expectations are as low as they can be based off of the trainwreck season we had last year.

Maybe yours aren’t. Maybe 9-16 and losing to Belmont Abbey is trending up in your opinion. That’s fine. You’re allowed to have any opinion and expectation you like. Whatever. No judgement…all God’s people. I really couldn’t care any less and won’t lose any sleep over what the hell your expectations are.

Sorry that I thought this was a message board where I was allowed to express an opinion. My bad. Thanks for setting me straight.

Pretty sure we had lost to D-II at home before Belmont Abbey. Thinking Florida Southern during the Wissel era, but will check on that. Definitely had been a while.

We lost to Eckerd under Wissell. The school not the old drug store.


That’s right! Florida Southern was Wissel’s previous stop before landing in Charlotte and running the program into the ground just a few years removed from the FF appearance in Atlanta.

Please do not mention the flash card guy again.


Goog grief…yeah, clearly I’m the one “arguing” here…get a grip dude.

If you are not trolling, seek professional help. If you are, seek professional help.