2021-22 MBB - Charlotte @ ODU, 1/29 7:00 PM ESPN+

Round 2!



Hoping for a W.
Expecting an L.

They shot unusually well for them from 3 point range Thursday. That can’t continue for us to sweep.


When ODU uses Ezekiel and Trice, I wish Sanchez would counter with Aly and Jared. Two big bodies against two bigs. Both our bigs are good passers too. It could make for some interesting High/Low offense or both Posts out high with alternating back door cutters….


A piece from Wednesday but just seeing it today. Minium gives insight on the Monarch’s season, especially their inability to finish off games.

Monarchs a 2 1/2 point fav in Norfolk:

clt says visit the odu tennis facility!


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Hunter puts it in perspective. This will be a tough road game, with a lot on the line. Win this one and we are coming home with a chance to take over the East standings.

Though I think he is wrong about the 3 game home stand. I think we rescheduled @FIU for Mon 2/7.


Yes, @ FIU is 2/7:

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With FAU (C-USA 5-3) and Middle Tennessee (5-2) winning today, Niners (4-2) need a W to keep pace in the C-USA East standings.

Matt just said we haven’t won in Norfolk since Eddie Basden was a Niner!

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clt hopes we score tonite!

Another s*** show missing wide open shots.

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Sanchez does not have a clue!

Kyle Busch No GIF by NASCAR

Sanchez can’t be blamed for such poor shooting


Nothing is going right. Butler couldn’t even corral a rebound with no one around him.

I have never seen so many bricks in one half. Braswell and Young have each shot an air ball.

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