2021-22 MBB - Charlotte @ Rice, 1/22 3:00 PM ESPN+

Owls favored by 5 1/2.

Rice by 10+

Sanchez Farewell Tour 2022 continues…


Do other teams “advertise” or “promote” with practice players in their ads? Just curious. Doesn’t seem like a good selling strategy. It’s cool they allow some Face Time for the hard workers in practice though.

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How bout that Rice pep band ladies and gentlemen!

clt says threadgill is playing well

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I really need to see the Title IX commercial one more time…

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clt says 3OT in haltron for Karen

clt says 4OT now

clt says we win both v rice.

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Bailed out by the refs.

Where was the alleged foul on that final shot…Must have been body out of the video frame?

Yeah, I do not think we were bailed out by the Refs. In fact, I was worried the Refs were going to be a cause of why we lost with the calls that were being made most of the game.

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How? Are you just believing what the homer announcers said?

There were two 50-50 calls that went against us down the stretch, plus I didn’t appreciate the refs icing our FT shooters.

Rice and their 3 fans can suck a lemon complaining about the refs.

my son after the last play of the game - “I didn’t think Rice had enough fans to fill an announcer booth”


Glad to see we did not fold in this game and competed.

A good road win after a tough week. Old guard (at least in terms of eligibility) led us thru. Vasic only created half a heart ache. Good win. Let’s get one at ODU