2021-22 MBB - WCU @ Charlotte, 12/22 5:00 PM CUSA.tv

Niners (6-5) and Catamounts (6-6) meet for only the third time and first since 1986. Niners are 2-0 vs UNC Cullowhee, which fell to UGA 85-79 on Monday.

Afternoon doubleheader with WBB, which faces cross county rival Davidson at 2:30 PM.

clt says Karen has new shoes

Interesting … UGA squeaked by them. Hope we don’t take them lightly


We beat UGA at beginning of year.
I don’t think we will take them lightly, nor will we anyone for that matter.

I hope we win so we can complain about it.


6-5 against a D2 schedule. Go ahead, beat your chest and be proud, I’ll pass

I’m definitely not happy with where we are. Using some hindsight we didn’t have at the beginning of the season, here’s where we are:

Monmothra turned out to be a better win than expected.
Toledo loss not nearly as bad as we thought
Drexel was a bad loss no matter how you look at it.
Arkansas I can live with
Davidson - if it was any other team with the same RPI/NET resume, I could live with. I can’t because it’s Favidson.
Wake Forest - if not for an ABYSSMAL first half, could have/should have won this one - that’s on coach for not having them ready, but still a loss we can live with.

So, in summary, we have one marginally good win, one bad loss. Nothing that’s going to move the needle yet. Mediocre would be best to describe it? Hope we come out and throttle WCU like we should.


Happy GIF by Disney

I don’t recall typing anything about chest beating. But hey, I could have missed it. Just tired of the constant bitching.

Have a Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

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I’m tired of the 15 years of constant sucking.

Good news…if we could ever stop sucking…we’d stop bitching…everyone wins!!

That’s my Christmas wish…again…and always.

Merry Christmas!

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I’m tired of it, too. I also doubt that Sanchez can get us where we want to go. I also realize that ranting in December isn’t going to change anything. But I guess this board is cheaper than therapy. :rofl:


Eh, ignore me. I have beaten dog syndrome at this point lol.

Merry Christmas!

Now you know good and well, this group would bitch even if we won a natty. Dont even go there! :rofl::rofl:

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Well THAT ain’t happening…

I mean…WTF!? Western F’n Carolina is shooting 60% from the field with 4min to go in the 1st half???

Defensive specialist!?!?
The feared Packline Defense!?!?!


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One positive I will point out: At least we didn’t have a scoring drought in that half…

We’re going to come out with our hair on fire, having learned some important life lessons during halftime and roll all over ‘em like a steamroller baby. Bookin’ on, Bookin’ on!


Ok…60% for the half.

Our packline vs WCU = 60% in a half…are there any words