2021-22 Men's Basketball Schedule & Opponents

Per Rothstein, Arkansas #3 in SEC preseason power rankings:

clt will admit, playing wake should be $6

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Those prices seem kind of high. Are people really gonna pay $100+?

I paid more than that. Don’t tell my wife. :shushing_face:

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Il be buying uptown tickets but didn’t get mine thru the ticket office. I’ll wait and buy them separately.

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To get the same type lower level tickets I have at Halton it would cost me over $300 for two tickets (wife and I.) The Wake Forest game isn’t worth that kind of dough

I am going to get the cheapest tickets out there then assume that there will be plenty of empty seats for our game and relocate.

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Aren’t those prices for all the games in this “event” though?

Yes., but I don’t want to invest that much money and time for games I otherwise would not care about.

The 9pm game is gonna start after 10pm most likely right?

Looks like ticket prices have been reduced.

However, does not look like I can purchase at that price on charlotte49ers.com.

Per Ticketmaster, tix range from $23.50 to $153.50.

clt says this is a ticket for all 4 games?

Looks like it. Pretty good deal. I bought two tickets earlier this evening. Not sure I can handle 10+ hours of basketball though. I don’t think re-entrance is permitted.

I’m over here just saying duh to myself. Until I read it in this thread I didn’t realize it was four games. I thought it was just one game vs wake. DUH!! Oh well I now have paid for two tickets for three other games I couldn’t give two shits about. DUH. Maybe my state, wake and ezu friends will want to go.

clt says that sounds like being held against your will. what if you want to go outside and smoke?

Would like to get this by there isn’t a link. Couldn’t find the option on the website either.

Am I doing some thing wrong?

Click on the Purchase Flex Plan green box.