2021 49ers Football Season

And it looks like La Tech will be our cross divisional opponent. Our first time ever playing them.


Looks like the Braves will be out of town the weekend we play at Ga State. Was hoping to double dip that weekend.


I wonder what other CUSA west team Charlotte will play this upcoming season?

I hope it is not UAB this year. Need a couple of more years to load up

My I guess would be either UTSA or Rice since the last time we played was 2016.

Looks like some C-USA schedules drop today. I’m guessing ours will too.


Good schedule. It is probably a good thing that our bye week is before we play FAU. Unfortunately that is their bye week too.


Any chance of picking off either P5? Bielema makes things a lot harder in Champaign.

Too early to predict but I see us going 6-6 with that schedule.

Clemson-UGA play 9-4 in Charlotte. Crowded weekend.

The top of CUSA would have an excellent chance against both, I don’t think we’re there yet but would love to be wrong. We need to get that first P5 win.

I see 5 wins. Gw, rice, fiu, middle, and odu.

Without doing homework, I feel we aren’t as good as la tech in Ruston, western in bowling green, and Illinois in Champaign. I think Duke rolls us. It’s a bad matchup.

So we need to beat ga st, Marshall or fau to bowl.


We go 6-6 & Healy leaves to replace Saban after he retires from Alabama


I would just take a non conference FBS win. We are 2-15 (UMass and GSU wins) in non conference. Healy is 1-5 including 0-2 versus P5 and 1-3 versus non-P5 (Two losses to App, loss to Buffalo and win against UMass). Need to correct that trend.


Nice pick up

Reynolds did not have surgery on his torn labrum, and is expected to participate in spring ball. “Do you think Chris Reynolds would let a four-star recruit come in here and go through spring ball and not him?” -Healy says Reynolds is “old school” in terms of his toughness.


Was the fact that Reynolds had a torn labrum been mentioned before? To me that explains a lot.


It makes me wonder how we can have seven QBs on the roster, and Reynolds with a torn labrum is still our best option.


Yeah we knew this. Got blown up in one of the first hits at the App game. He was taking shots before each game this season and never had full motion. The reason we weren’t running all RPO is they were trying to protect him.