2021 C-USA + NCAA Baseball Tournaments

The Niners are the #1 seed and will look to raise the trophy next weekend down in Ruston.

We start out with MTSU who we haven’t played this season. The other side of the bracket is ODU wo we split 8 games with this year, and FAU who we swept at the Hayes this year.

I’m guessing this is who we face on Wednesday in Ruston.

I don’t want some guy with a mullet beating us

Me either, but I don’t have anything against pitchers with mullets.


Tourney week is here!! We are on the bubble as far as being one of the 16 host sites. Let me say that again, the Charlotte 49ers are on the bubble to be one of the Top 16 Seeds in the NCAA Tournament!! Niners need a good week.

Niners are 39-17, 24-8 in C-USA for the Regular season. RPI at 19 to end the regular season.

We retained the same rankings in both BA and D1. #16 & #22

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Interesting read about ODU’s potential case for being a no. 1 seed, but not hosting a regional. They didn’t put in a bid. They are playing great baseball right now. Won 2 at La. Tech over the weekend.

I have to say this one more time. What an incredible game on Saturday. It will remain as one of my favorite 49er memories of all time (and I’ve been doing this for 45 years). Excitement was off the chart.


My voice is still recovering. I lost it at the Hayes on Saturday. Unbelievable!!


24-8 in CUSA


Looking over the tourney schedule, is it normal to play a 9am game?? That seems awfully early, can’t imagine having to play that early.

Does this mean we are playing at the home of the #2 seed?

Yes, in order to get the 4 games in they will start that early. Baseball games can last 3 or 4 hours, especially tourney games. Looks like they are planning for 3 hour games with 30 minutes in between. I will guarantee you that more than 1 of these games will not start on time.


Yes, Ruston was selected as the host site during the offseason. I believe Rice and USM are hosting the next 2. 2024 is the next shot we will get to put in to host the tourney. They have tentatively agreed to let Marshall host in their new stadium in 2024 if it ever gets built. Sounds like they are having trouble finding the money.

They will long for a 9am start once that noon heat and humidity hits. Until their bodies get acclimated to it, we might see players dropping. Coach better pack plenty of IV’s

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Spending $375,750 per year on their soccer coach is not going to help.

I’ll tell you, Saturday was pretty hot at the Hayes. I sat in the front row and I could feel the heat radiating up from the turf. I think the team is travelling down there today and should get some practice time over the next 2 days to acclimated. Their field is full turf also.

Forecast down there is actually “pleasant” for this time of the year. Fortunately

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West Virginia would probably be a lot more pleasant weather wise than Miss or La, but attendance would likely be down.

Easy drive for us to Huntington though.