2021 Football Coaching Carousel

Yesterday it was announced that Edsall would retire at the end of the season, but 24 hours later he is out at UConn. Either way, no surprise.

That program… Ugh. What a mess. It must be miserable to be one of their fans who cared about football.

Yeah and I don’t see any way to move it forward.

The GA Southern coach was fired partially because a lineman surfed on top of a moving school bus and chugged a beer thrown to him by a fan prior to the game.

Butch Davis tops this list:

It is amazing that a coach that won a National Championship can be fired 21 months later also a day after beating a top 25 team at home.

He was able to breathe, therefore coach. It was a good game. O coached it. LSU will be fine.

Separation agreement was reached prior to the UF game. Plus the quote from Thamel pretty much says it all - “It’s one of those things where no one wanted to be there anymore. The players didn’t want to play for him, the coaches didn’t want to coach for him.”

“ Twenty-one months after going undefeated, winning a national championship and putting together perhaps the greatest single season in college football history, LSU announced that it had reached an agreement to [part ways with Orgeron at the end of this season.”

Beyond the life-altering, but brief, $$$$paydays, maybe there is something to ponder about coaches staying away from the toxic and volatile programs like lsu texas snd Tennessee

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I can see Traylor getting it, and then where is UTSA?

I still feel like they are too one dimensional as a program and Traylor leaving potentially makes them a doormat for the American.

Damn! It’s painful enough to read you guys crying about Healy being hired away, or bashing him, but now we need to fill the chat boxes about worrying over coaches at other programs? Jeez!


Well, since the USF beat writer considers the AAC a mid-major conference, we better get used to successful coaches getting hired away by the big boys! :roll_eyes:

Maybe Heals needs to win before he thinks of moving on. From my estimation he hasn’t won shit.


You Sir, are bad at estimating

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Here are my thoughts on that