2021 Football Season

Since you numbnuts got the original thread locked, let’s look at the rest of the season going forward. Today’s ESPN predictions have our bowl potentials as Cure Bowl (Orlando) vs. LendingTree Bowl (Mobile)


I wouldn’t want to play the triple option but it would also be cool to play army. That run game would murder us though.

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I appreciate that he projected us into a bowl, but this one is not that exciting to me…

  1. It’s just a game at FAU’s stadium, which we already play in every other year. Maybe the trip down there is a little more exciting for the players if they have a few days to hang out.

  2. It’s a game against a Sunbelt team, which is our defacto non conference schedule filler league.

Don’t really have a problem with playing Costal specifically, aside from those two issues. Was using this example to illustrate that these bowls would be a lot more interesting if they weren’t just an extra nonconference game against leagues you already currently play a lot in stadiums / cities you also already currently regularly play in.

I know the P5 puts up a bowl affiliation wall, but I’d rather play an AAC team in a (nice) destination we don’t usually get to see.

clt says boca is nice.

All I know is Boca in December? Sign me up.


Let’s be realistic any bowl we go to will likely be against a Sunbelt or MAC team. I hope we qualify for a bowl that our fans can attend without a lot of effort. Myrtle Beach would be the easiest because most of us could drive there. The Boca Raton Bowl or Cure Bowl wouldn’t be too bad because traveling to Florida is doable by car or by air.


I hate the stylistic match-up but The Cure Bowl vs Army would be a lot of fun.

Army would run all over us lol…I will take a bowl game in Florida though :slight_smile:

Agreed… while Charlotte represented huge at the Bahamas bowl, the logistics still cut off many fans from attending.

Just as the P5 and ESPN intended.

Look at it from Coastal’s perspective. If they end the season ranked, and their “reward” is a game against us at FAUs stadium, is that justice for them? Why even bother if that’s the best you can hope for?

Top 25 teams should be in meaningful bowl games. They deserve it regardless of conference affiliation.

My post is a comment on the system, although there are some slim scenarios where we can possibly play an AAC team.


This one wouldn’t be super exciting.

Agreed. However, once we surpass 6 then I’ll complain about the placement

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Haha yup.

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Playing a team like Eastern Michigan may not be a bad thing if it gives us a better chance to get our first bowl win under our belt.

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That is light years beyond any coverage the O has given us in the past, bravo Hunter.