2021 Summer Movies!

Well last summer sucked when it came to movies! It looks like we are on the verge of a big movie season this year though as we have all kinds of movies that have been sitting on the shelf for 12-18 months - it’s going to bleed into the fall. I expect more movies to get added as theaters open up. Let’s take a look and see what we have coming!

Here we go!

Spiral - An interesting pick up of the SAW franchise starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Will be interesting to see where they take this as the torture porn horror has pretty much run it’s course. What can they do breath life into the franchise?
Army of the Dead - Zack Snyder film starring Bautista and Alpha zombies? OK sounds like fun. You know Snyder will make a pretty film, we shall see about the story.
Cruella - Disney does there thing, flipping the script with live action focusing on the bad guy.
A Quiet Place II - Shhhhh don’t make a noise. I still haven’t see the first one but I hear it’s really good. Same cast returns with Jim from the Office both in front and behind the camera with his wife.

There are a couple Lin Manuel musicals. One animated one live action. I won’t go see either.
Luca - Pixar Film set in the Italian Riviera about people and sea monsters. Normally I’d pass on such a description, but Pixar doesn’t usually make a bad movie.
F9 - Can you believe this franchise has been around so long that Dom’s crew was stealing VCRs? VCRS!!! Let that sink in. Not always a great movie, but always great fun. Cena joins in this time.

The Forever Purge - Set after the abolishment of the annual purge. Question is what do people do when the purge isn’t a thing anymore?
Black Widow - Talk about a long wait for a movie. Marvel held their ground and kept bumping everything. Finally ScarJo gets her solo film. It took WAY too long for marvel to bring this movie, but it looks like a great time. Plus ScarJo in tight clothes - who cna say no?
Cinderella Musical - Stars Camila Cabello (which may get me to see this, schwing)
Space Jam 2 - IMO a travesty. Lebron ugh, Pepe gets canceled, Lola deemed to sexy - cmon man
OLD - M Night tries to bring back his Signs, Unbreakable era magic and not the Lady in the Water failures. It’s about a family relaxing on the beach aging rapidly. Who knows where this goes…
SnakeEyes - Did you know this GI Joe film was still coming? Undoubtly the coolest Joe gets his own story.
Hotel Transformania - This series is great if you have kids. Mavis and Johnny are back in the final installment of the franchise.
Jungle Cruise - The Rock and Emily Blunt take on the Disney Jungle Cruise ride. There was a time I would think that’s stupid you can’t make a movie out of a ride. I was wrong about pirates though so who knows? Leading couple are always fun.

Suicide Squad - James Gunn tries his had in DC. I have no idea what to expect. DC can’t figure out what to do, but James Gunn is fun. I am so conflicted on my expectations here.
Freeguy - This might be the non action movie I am looking most forward to. Ryan Reynolds plays a NPC who becomes self aware. This could be absolutely hilarious.
RESPECT - Aretha biopic
BIOS - Post-Apocalyptic story starring an oddly cast Tom Hanks who is an inventor with robot dog.
Demonic - Neil Blomkamp (District 9) brings us a horror movie!
CANDYMAN - Go to the mirror and say his name. Go ahead I dare you. One of my favorite 90s horror films gets a return sequel. Set in the same neighborhood that has no been gentrified - this isn’t Cabrini Green anymore, but it’s still Candyman’s neighborhood.
Beatles: Get Back - Beatles biopic! This could be really awesome and bring the Beatles to a new generation, like Queen did. The fall releases actually look a bit more exciting.

Fall Releases
9/3 Shang Chi - Marvel
9/24 - Venom Let there be Carnage - Sony but maybe with Marvel? Rumors of Holland showing up here
10/1 - DUNE - SO much excitement for this, looks stunning. Can they pull it off?
10/8 - No Time to Die - Daniel Craig’s swan song as Bond is a must see.
10/15 - Halloween Kills - Jamie Lee takes on her brother… again.
11/5 - The Eternals from Marvel - amazing cast huge story
11/11 - Ghostbusters - A true follow-up, not the all female bullshit.
11/19 - Topgun Maverick - Supposed to release last summer, they hit the brakes and 2020 flew right by
12/3 - Nightmare Alley - Guillermo Del Torro with Cate Blanchet and Bradley cooper in a psychological thriller
12/17 - Spiderman 3 - Tom Holland returns as the webslinger, question is what was the fallout to having his identity revealed? Rumors of previous spidermen and doc oct and electro. Movie could be amazing or overstuffed.
12/22 - Ready for some more NEO and a return to the Matrix? How do you pick this story back up? We have waited a long time.

And that is it for the BIG moves. Looks a bit sparse right now, but I think we may see some more drop soon.

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a pretty strong preholidays slate… Lots of tentpoles. No doubt caused by Covid holdovers now being released with long planned 2021 releases. There will of course be a bunch of indies / film festival stuff splashed in, along with the typical slate of rom coms and other comedies.

I’m just geeked about the prospect of maybe being back in a movie theater this year. If nothing else, I’ll be there for Dune. Even if I have to rent out a whole theater. The wait feels unending.

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*Those That Wish Me Dead - Angelina Jolie

This could have been a very solid popcorn flick despite the terrible miscasting of Jolie. Supporting actors are Aiden Gillen (Peter Baelish GoT), Jon Bernthal (Walking Dead) and Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies and several other flicks)… But the script, which was based on a novel (!!!) is so lazy and underdeveloped in parts that it ruins what should have been an enjoyable B movie.

Also, for you Entourage fans… First they made Aquaman, for real, and now they actually made Smoke Jumpers… is Medellin next?

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Smart move

The Dune drama continues… Worried as this is starting to potentially overshadow the movie itself:

Inverse: ‘Dune’ (2021) on HBO Max? Warner goes against fans in latest shakeup.

This might interest a few people:

Deadline: ‘Batman: Caped Crusader’ Animated Series From Bruce Timm, J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves Set At HBO Max & Cartoon Network.

Army of the Dead (Netflix) was okay. Lots of plot holes. Decent action though.

The chick who plays Bautista’s daughter is deceptively hot. Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. Brad Pitt was apparently super infatuated with her.

What? A Snyder movie has plot holes?
Say Word Lol GIF by Desus & Mero

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This looks like mindless fun. Lots people gonna disappointed though that Milana is bundled up the entire movie.

Thanks, you just saved me two hours. :+1:

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This is a really thorough list of movies coming out this summer that you can stream (most cost extra $$$ on top of your subscription) or see in a theater.

Previews are included for every movie.

I really wanna see A Quiet Place 2 now. Getting really great reviews.

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In Favreau I trust.

Please god no. Have we forgotten the second trilogy people???

If we can get Kathleen Kennedy out of the way the future for SW could be bright. She has been a cancer in Lucasfilm.


Yup, just see Mandalorian S2 to see what Star Wars can be.


Isn’t she involved with the Rogue Squadron movie that Patty “The Hurt Locker and Wonder Woman” Jenkins is making (Xmas 2023)?

FWIW, I was stoked at the basic concept of that flick. It’s basically a WWII fighter squadron movie in SW clothes. Could be great if the script is good.