2021 Week 3 - Charlotte @ Georgia State, 9/18 7 PM ESPN+

Another Game Week!! Niners are 2-0 for the first time since 2016.

Going down to Georgia to take on Georgia State at a renovated ‘Turner Field.’

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I’m excited for this, It was the first road trip game I ever attended in the old Georgia Dome. We claimed our first ever FBS victory and did it on national television. Looking for another victory and the first ever 3-0 start for the Niners in the FBS era.

Also the renovation to Turner has me really intrigued, went to one of the last games there before their move to the new park. It has tones of character, I’m excited to see what they’re able to do with it as continue to convert it into a football specific stadium.


Summary of how our opponents did this week. Overall our opponents are 10-15.

DUKE (1-1) - Beat NC A&T 45-17

GARDNER-WEBB (0-2) - Lost at CHARLOTTE 38-10

At GEORGIA STATE (0-2) – Lost at #22 UNC-Chapel Hill 59-17

MTSU (1-1) - Lost at #19 Virginia Tech 35-14

At ILLINOIS (1-2) – Lost at Virginia 42-14

At FIU (1-1) – Lost to Texas State 23-17

FAU (1-1) –Beat Georgia Southern 38-6

At WKU (1-1) – Lost at Army 38-35

RICE (0-2) Lost to Houston 44-7

At LATECH (1-1) – Beat Southeastern Louisiana 45-42

MARSHALL (2-0) – Beat NC Central 44-10

At OLD DOMINION (1-1) – Beat Hampton 47-7

A major injury-free win here and I feel like we have an 80% of making a bowl. A loss puts us at 50/50.

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I wish I could go to this game, grew up a Braves fan and wanted to see how the stadium looks in person now. Any game on the road is going to be a tough test, we’ll need to play well Saturday night.

Charlotte has never won two FBS non-conferences games in a season. Time to change that!


Yup get the W this game and we’ve had a successful OOC campaign. Huge game for us.

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Planned to go back in June after buying tickets and making reservations, but :poop:happens. 🥲

Georgia State has had a rough start, terrible performance against a good Army team and went to Chapel Hill to play an angry unc team. Many Panther fans felt this might be the year to compete with the Appys, CCU, an Louisiana…now a lot of Panther fans are looking forward to basketball season starting.

GSU has a lot of offensive weapons, especially receivers, but Quad Brown (the QB) seems to have regressed from a solid year last season. GSU can run the ball, generally a very balanced offense, but so far this season Panther fans are just WTF?? I think the Niners can exploit GSU’s defense…it’s not playing well either.

Before the season started, I leaned toward GSU winning this game, but now I see Charlotte playing with a lot of confidence and GSU almost like a dead man walking. As a supporter of both programs, I love/hate these games…

For those making it to Atlanta, GSU has done a nice job reconfiguring the stadium, but still lots to be done (I think they’re still in phase two of a four phase process).

Just how good is GSU’s run game? That is still our Achilles heel. I worry about beating any team that can run the ball effectivley.

It is a good thing that water boy didn’t play for southeast Louisiana


Past couple of seasons, really solid run game. Returned a really experienced OL, but the first two games against Army and unc, I just don’t know. Last couple of years, there’s been real balance on offense…200+ yards average for both passing and running…talent is there, but this team seems lost at the moment. Maybe it was the competition, maybe the coaching, maybe both. For me, Reynolds will be the difference. Niners have a leader and I don’t see anything close with the Panthers at the moment.


Game plan: closely watch the army and tar hole games and do what they did.

Hung out with a chapel hill friend and he wants us to destroy them because their coach was such an arsewhole.

He said chapel hill ran it up on them due to the coach.

That doesn’t sound like Shawn Elliott…but let’s face it, any coach that says his team is prepping to beat Chapel Hill is gonna seem like an a$$ to that fan base.

I think Elliot is great, HR hire for Ga St.

I hope lots of Niner fans make the trip. I can’t imagine GA State fans will show out big after a 0-2 start.


Last time we were in at Georgia State we has a big crowd. Probably the best road trip to make this season!


Hard to believe we are 2.5 point underdogs in this game.Georgia State has scored 27 points in their 2 games this season.Their defense has given up 102 points in those two games.The Niners start the season 2-0 and Georgia State is 0-2 in two blowouts.The odds makers are showing us no respect at all.