2022-2023 Baseball offseason thread

Here is a thread to discuss the happenings with Niner baseball and college baseball in general over the summer.

Summer ball has started and we have quite a few in the Cape, the CPL, SCBL among other leagues. We will do a blog post on that soon.

The highlights are already rolling in. Here is incoming 49er Eli Weisner hitting a bomb for the HiToms.

The MLB Draft is July 17 and that could have a big impact on our roster this summer. Several guys are eligible and deserving.

We can also discuss the NCAA’s and the coaching carousel here. There will bee 2 new coaching hires in C-USA, and there has already been one in the AAC with another on the way.

WKU & FIU have openings. Tulane has an opening. Memphis’ coach retired and they have hired Kerrick Jackson as their new coach.


Some numbers from the 2022 season.

This 2022 group was special, and continued the push for us as a program.

Program walks record: 371, the most in the country heading into Regionals.

2nd consecutive season with 500+ strikeouts on the mound. 532 is second-most in program history, behind our record 557 in 2021.

Second consecutive season with a 10+ game C-USA winning streak.

Ranked No. 23 by Baseball America after week 6 series victory against a great ODU team on the road.

Back to back years in national Top 25 rankings.

5 C-USA Weekly Honors, the most for our program in a season.

489 runs: The 3rd-most in program history.

99 home runs: The 2nd-most in program history.

455 RBIs: The 3rd-most in program history.

.469 SLG%: The 4th-most in program history

66 HBP: The 3rd-most in program history.

.415 OBP: The 4th-highest in program history.

9.3 K/9: The 2nd-best in program history.

.247 opponent batting average: The 3rd lowest in program history.

6 shutouts - tied for 3rd-most in program history.

.977 fielding percentage: The 2nd-best in program history.

49 errors: The 3rd-fewest in program history.

Longest game for time elapsed (5:55) and innings played (15).

Set program record for most home runs in a single game - 8.

Set program record for most doubles in a game - 10.

Set program record for most runs scored in a three-game series, C-USA series - 50.

Set program record for most at bats in a single game - 60.

Tied program record for most walks in a single game - 17.


The transfer portal giveth and it taketh away. NC State is getting a look at the other side today.


In Coaching Carousel news, Baylor’s coach has stepped down and 3 candidates among the 8 listed by D1 Baseball come from C-USA schools, Hallmark at UTSA, Burroughs at LT, and Heefner at DBU

Also, Clemson has parted ways with Monte Lee this week. D1 Baseball lists Woody and Cliff Godwin among their list of 8 candidates to watch.

Maybe he see’s whats happening here and wants to be a part of it :grin:

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I saw something earlier this week that he was going to go back home and play for FSU, but who knows with the NIL deals. I’m sure some $EC schools are going to get into a bidding war for him.

Wow. That’s big

Not 100% sure of the rule but I wonder if maybe he’s going JuCo so can enter draft next year

Yes, players can get drafted after 1 year in JUCO and not have to wait until they are 21 or after their junior year like in D1.

No going to lie I was lowkey happy to see that State missed the tournament.


Not sure what all went down behind rhe scenes, but I was told Bo was bad mouthing Charlotte for how he was treated, at the ACC tourney last week.

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I’d like to think that Bo is too mature to do that. I hope so, anyway.

The Tourney starts tomorrow. Regionals of interest:









Boshamer Stadium looks to be in a weather delay shortly.
Go Georgia.
BTW, it seems appropriate that Cheat’s stadium has “shame” embedded in its name.

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Just passing on what I was told.

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We have quite a few guys playin in High Point this summer.




and some incoming guys


and a former Niner.


Squeeze Play channel is the way to go!!!

If it’s “presented” by Capitol One…why would it cost me $6.99 a month to watch?

That’s just the cost for ESPN+. Same thing you can watch various other Niners games on.

Interesting story, don’t know how you can get something that wrong.