2022-23 College Basketball 🏀

clt is hearing that the a10 is banning teams from playing the lowly sunbelt

Wonder if this will become a trend?

Just VCU vs ODU:

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Is this what “Ole Roy” did or did he insist on a spotlight when he graced Cheat with his prescence?

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clt says moving up to #P6

Bates returning home may be the best thing for him. Hopefully he’s recovered from the injury that cost him half the season with Memphis.

BTW, though EMU’s highest rated MBB player, definitely not the most famous. Hall of Famer and NBA great George “The Iceman” Gervin played for the Eagles in the early 1970s.

This seems like a @run49er type link:

I knew the Bonnies has been hit hard by the transfer portal, but that’s just brutal!

Interesting read from Norlander, especially as concerns “traditional” recruiting and the transfer portal.

Part two from Norlander: