2022-23 MBB - Presbyterian @ Charlotte, 11/26 4:00 PM ESPN+

FWIW, PC played UAB ten days ago, with the Blazers winning 92-61.

We should be able to win and win big here. Need to find our shooting or else this season could get out of hand quickly.


A win will tell me nothing. A loss will tell me a lot.


clt hears that lutz was spotted on campus

5 minutes into this game, and Charlotte has 4 points.

Those Presbyterian unis are horrible for number contrast.


I’m not sure if anyone cares, but here are my unbiased thoughts:

I don’t see much different from our last outing aside from an even weaker opponent. We were able to score in the post due to a large size mismatch, and we finally hit a couple of 3s near the end of the half. The other team couldn’t hit water if they fell out of a boat aside from that Barnett kid, who did what every other decent shooting team does to us.

I guess it’s better than losing, but I don’t see anything that says AAC basketball program on the floor right now.

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Guys need to practice layups and reading a shot clock.

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clt hopes we cover

So far so good on that

Why do teams shoot the three so well against us?

clt says it is a “feature” of the pack line


Chicken for everyone! :poultry_leg:

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The pack the line defense is designed to deny penetration and force teams to take outside shots. It’s a defense that is for a different era of basketball.

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