2022-23 MBB - UAB @ Charlotte - Senior Day, 3-4 1:00 PM Stadium

Final home game of the season vs the third place Blazers (22-8, 13-6 C-USA).

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Wonder which team shows up. Our standing in the conference tournament is unaffected. Would have a little bit more hope for some conference tournament success if we didn’t play so badly against a really bad team (UTSA). With Aldrich out for the season, feel like it limits our chances against more well-rounded teams. But maybe the players shoot lights out again and that doesn’t matter. Just have to hope for a hot streak at the right time.

Crap just realized it’s not on ESPN+, is there a free way to watch it on Stadium?

Stadium app.

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Since little is on the line we probably win this one.

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Refs suck again.

These Stadium announcers sound like UAB guys…they love Walker too much.

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9 points we lost since it was 56-52.

  • walker stepping out of bounds not called
  • missed fringe end of 1-1 twice
  • missed layup ( missed plenty today)
  • and one not called
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I cant take JT anymore…never seen a college player miss so many layups.


Great game overall. Hope we can pull it out.


Walker pushing off (offensive foul) and being rewarded with 2 free throws near the end of regulation was a killer. We got some calls, too, but that one was egregious.


Let one slip. Refs didn’t help. Sanchez, win 3 or put that house up for sale.