2022-23 MBB - UTSA @ Charlotte, 1/14 2:00 PM ESPN+

Conference doormat UTSA (7-10, 1-5 C-USA) in the QC for an afternoon tilt in Halton. Niners lead the series 5-4, including a 62-53 victory in the most recent meeting a year ago, also in CLT. Roadrunners currently #311 in the NET. Good number for a band, but not for hoops!


We have to win this game, call me captain obvious, but we are still in the running for a top 4 or 5 seed, can’t drop games like this at home.


Never underestimate Ron’s ability to lose to a bad team.

This team seems to take care of business, especially at home. We’ll see if the team begins to revert to recent years’ program form (lose to bad teams) or continues to show this year’s progress. Can’t lose games like this and finish top 5, that’s for sure.


Should be in the bag; however, nothing is ever in the bag so we’ll see how it plays out.

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They are not bad, they are horrible, they are terrible, much like many of the teams we have played, but potentially competing to be the lowest of them. They could not hang with the TEXAS A&M-CORPUS CHRISTIISLANDERS!

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Those were the days


Yep…and this year…we played Detroit Mercy twice.

Squeaked out a win and home
Got spanked on the road

So tired of it.

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UTSA is a bad team. Probably should of won by 40. Seemed like the team was going through the motions. I do think this was the first game Igor led us in scoring. Good to see his offense back.

That year we lost to Princeton and Kent state and ODU.

The biggest difference is we aren’t playing in a league where we can beat a top 10 team to make the losses feel better.


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And if you’re in a league as bad as we are that has almost zero chance of an at large to the Dance…you need to play a decent non-conference schedule to be battle tested come tourney time so we can be prepared to make a run at winning the bid.

When you schedule a 330+ non-conference SOS and you’re playing a bunch of scrubs worse than the Conference you play in what are you preparing for?? it’s just a waste of time…what’s the point??

Our non-conference schedule was so weak…we have a good team…but they have played maybe 2-3 teams where they could gain some real experience on what it takes to beat the top half of our league.

A complete waste of what looks like could be a good team…but they are not prepared or battle tested at all.

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Some people can never be happy.
Good win by the Niners.