2022-23 Niner Basketball 🏀

Myrtle Beach Invitational

November 17, 18 and 20

HTC Center | Conway, S.C.

Teams: Boise State, Charlotte, Colorado, Loyola Chicago, Massachusetts, Texas A&M and Tulsa

** An eighth team will be announced at later date*

Solid field. Loyola is the fighting Sister Jeans. Pac 12, SEC, A10, MWC… doesn’t really look like any complete patsies. Also interestingly includes future conference mate Tulsa.

Tiny venue though (HTC Center). I still contend Coastal was never in the discussion for a league like AAC because of facilities like this:

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Anywhere but the Bahamas. Please not the Bahamas.


Surprised the field will include two teams from same conference - Loyola Chicago and UMass. Hmm…

Do we know of any other OOC opponents for certain yet?

I’m assuming APP at home and @ Davidson.

MBB should schedule a challenging non-conference slate in 2022-2023 not a bunch of cupcakes to pad the results. Go big or go home Sanchez!

3 of the teams in that Myrtle Beach tournament above were in the NCAA field this season. Colorado was in the NIT.

That’s a pretty strong start along with Davidson.

But we would have to actually win games in it to play the good teams. We haven’t been any good in an early season event in so long that I can’t be bothered to look. Usually we get blown out by mediocre teams.

If the law of averages was actually a thing in college basketball, we would be like a slot machine that hasn’t hit in years.

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Coach Mullins had a really good record at these early season events, remember finals of Kentucky invitational, Syracuse Invitational & won one in Charlotte…. Not sure of his other ones we played in.

Actually two teams made NCAAT - Boise State as MW champs and Loyola Chicago as Valley champs. Like Colorado, SEC runner-up Texas A&M ended up in NIT as well and Aggies are playing Oregon as I type this.

Whoops! Thanks Run!

Still a pretty solid field. With 1 more to add.


Well here is the news none of us wanted to hear. Huge loss.

So lets take a look at what we have coming back as of right now. I don’t think we really have anyone that can go get us a basket when the clock is running down. i think Sanchez needs to get at least one of each category (Guard (2), Wing & Center) this offseason. I define a Guard by whether or not they can bring the ball up the court against pressure.

Guard - Folkes, Graves
Guard - Berry
Wing - Williams, Threadgill
Wing - Braswell, Jallow
Center - Khalifa, Vasic

We do need depth down low. Outside of that we have the talent to win next year! Go Niners!

Dumb And Dumber Lol GIF

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We CURRENTLY absolutely do NOT have the talent to win a next year! We just lost our top 3 guys from last year that was about a 200 ranked team. Sanchez has a chance in the transfer portal to not have to put his house on the market so I won’t roast him until he’s had the opportunity.

As weak as that roster is, I just cannot comprehend how Vasic still has any eligibility left. Is this like his 7th season?

Vasic should be on every one of those lineup depth lines, guard/wing/center

Even though he has been here for a while he has only actually played 3 years 17-18, 19-20 & 21-22. He sat out 18-19 & 20-21 with knee injuries.

I choose to look at the glass as half full. You can stay with your negativity.

Threadgill made a good jump year over year. Look for that to continue.

Khalifa displayed his talent last year. He will be better.

Williams is coming off an injury but showed talent 2 years ago.

We played our best when Jallow was on the Floor this season. Health is the big question here.

Braswell was very productive early in the season. He did fall off towards the end, but look for him to be a key contributor next year.

Folkes was a defensive nightmare when given a chance to play. He has talent and will take a step forward.

I do not know much about Graves and Berry. However, I hear a lot of good things about both. Similar to what I heard about Khalifa during his red shirt year.

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There were some rumors floating around that Braswell might be transferring. No idea if any credibility to that though.

Frankly, I don’t see any way we are better next year unless Sanchez kills it in the portal.