2022 Baseball Week 12 - At Chapel Hill (ACC Network); Rice (CUSA-TV/ ESPN+)

The Niners are on a 9 game winning streak and went 5-0 this week to move into the 6 seed in C-USA and we jumped 9 spots in the RPI to 79.

Another big week ahead as we travel to Chapel Hill Tuesday and return home to host Rice this weekend.

Schedule for the week:

Tuesday- At Chapel Hill 7:00 (ACC Network)

Friday- Rice 6:00 (CUSA TV)
Saturday - Rice 3:00 (ESPN+)
Sunday - Rice 1:00 (ESPN +)



I say keep Brooks as our Weekday starter. To me he is our best or worst 2nd best pitcher. We will need him in the Conference Tournament if we want to win it.

Brooks has been named our starter for Tuesday.

From the YMCA to a fancy smancy park complete with lights. Culture shock!
Chapel Hill will obviousy feel comfortable playing at home, but lets beat their asses until they turn a deeper bruised shade of blue.

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Anyone coming to UNC-CH today? Scattered storms expected this afternoon/evening but I hope to make the short drive over to Orange Co.

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clt says the first 100 in attendance get a free CHeat diploma!


Robert Woodard was 22-0 as a pitcher as Boshamer Stadium. He is 1-0 as a Head Coach. Let’s keep the streak going!!



Just me or does their stadium look like an expanded version of ours? Minus the batting facility.

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Planning to make it! :call_me_hand:

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Here are the links for tonight’s game in case anyone needs to know the score.

Good to see Cunningham back in the line-up.

Are we going to get it in? Radar doesn’t look good…guess so…under way.

Butch with the Monster Mash ! :muscle:

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Might not wanna give Horvath anything else to hit tonight….


BOOM! Fisher ties it up with a bomb in top of 6.