2022 Baseball Week 9 - Winthrop; At MTSU (CUSATV)

C-USA Standings and RPI.

CUSA is up to 9th in RPI as a conference

Schedule for the Week:

Tuesday - Winthrop at the Hayes 6:00

Thursday- At MTSU 7:00 (CUSA-TV)
Friday- At MTSU 7:00 (CUSA-TV)
Saturday- At MTSU 2:00 (CUSA- TV)

Matt Brooks on the mound.

Tomorrow is First Responder/Military Appreciation Night at the Hayes where First Responders & Military Personnel Receive Free Admission and Family Discount.

Camo Koozies will be given away to the First 200 Fans.

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Seriously. Would someone explain to me (a non-baseball guy) why a coach would put in a .100-or-sub hitter? Not just tonight against Winthrop, but against teams that were on our level, or above. ???/

The guys finally look like themselves again. Brooks looking really good on the mound. Glad to see that. 8-0 headed to the 8th…still no McCabe though.

If youre referring to Tyndall…you know he is a freshman with only like 10 at bats all season, right? Sample size matters.

He was playing Baker who is hitting something like .071 (2 hits in 28 at bats). Apparently the bench is not very strong.

Shit, there goes the no-hitter


1 out away from a no hitter…still a great effort by Brooks…1 hit, 111 pitches.


Awesome game to listen to. The losing streak is OVER. Hopefully this is just the start of a long winning streak. Book-ended the losing streak by our two best performances on the year.

Brilliant pitched game, sorry for the last chance hit

So damn close. I thought Jake had it after a hell of an effort !
Matt deserved the no-no.


Glad I decided to go out to the game tonight. Brooks barely missed a rare college no-hitter, but a complete game shutout isn’t shabby. Gotta do some damage at Middle.


Unbelievable performance tonight from Matt Brooks. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. He’s had so many battles over the years, it is always great to see him get rewarded for his persistence and hard work. Tonight will be a lasting memory for me. Even though he didn’t get the no-hitter, it was a fun ride watching him try.


Baker goes in to LF for Butcher as a defensive replacement late in games. He’s struggled a bit at the plate, but he’s a capable power hitter. He hit well this fall.

Tyndall is a promising switch hitting freshman. He’s probably been impressing the coaches in practice, so he’s been getting an opportunity to get some ABs.

We have at least 3 injured position players at the moment, so the bench is a little thinner than it was.

Will Lancaster named starter for tomorrow. Everything else is TBD.

Listening to the broadcast on this one. Wouldn’t you know it - video from C-USA TV isn’t working.
Tuned into the softball game - no audio.

Guess I’m watching softball and listening to baseball.

They did get it working, but the announcers aren’t great. I’d stay with our audio if you turn the video on.

Oh, I dunno. I’m getting an education in baseball history. These announcers are some OLD motherfuckers.

LOL. They can remember what happened in 1960, but not what happened in their midweek game.