2022 Baseball Week 9 - Winthrop; At MTSU (CUSATV)

I think the lack of audio for their softball was by design. You probably would want to mute it anyway if it would have been like their baseball guys.

Hmm. Might be a major bullshit call there in the top of the eighth.

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Down 3-2, bottom of the 8th…uggg…staring at 8 straight conference losses unless we rally in the 9th. This promising season has gone to crap in 2 weeks…not sure how so many talented hitters have just gone cold at the same time…for 10+ games.


Wow, haven’t seen that before…Butcher gets a hit and then they say he wasn’t supposed to be hitting, so its an out.

Huge hit by Cunningham! RBI triple to tie the game. AK at third, one bogus out…2 strikeouts leave Cunningham at 3rd…

This is a very frustrating game to watch

Well, there it is. another shit sandwich. finding new ways to lose again.

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8 straight in league…not good…0-4 in extras.

Well that sucked.

Pitching continues to rebound. That’s about all I can say about that.

This has been an interesting year for sure. We’ve seen the following:

  1. batter called out for batting out of order
  2. runner called out for passing another runner on the basepaths
  3. an opposing team’s runner going from first to third on a walk
  4. a bunt single against an extreme shift
  5. more than one runner/batter out on interference
    and there’s been more.

Really encouraged at how our pitching has improved, but the bats have gone silent. Need to really focus on making the tournament, because even that’s in jeopardy. As good as last year’s team was at times, I thought this one could be better, but they’ve really under-achieved in the W-L column.

Not to mention that it is crap video to start with. One view - WIDE ANGLE.

Also, the announcers are brutal…

Seems that in CUSA, you aren’t allowed to swing through a pitch on a steal attempt. A normal swing and miss is interference or, at least, has been on a couple of occasions for us.
Tonight’s turned out to be game deciding.

Not to mention that I tuned out for a minute in the bottom of the ninth and when I clicked on again, CUSA had thoughtfully moved on to a link for tomorrow’s game. I’m starting to think CUSA TV might not be ideal.

That interference call is such BS. I’m not sure what the batter is supposed to do. Butch was standing in his batters box and wasn’t aggressively leaning over the plate.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen it called more than a few times this year, in our games and others. If I was a catcher, I’d step into the batter on purpose in situations like that.

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The problem with C-USA TV is tha there are no production standards they have to meet. ESPN has requirements, which is why the production value is always higher.

This is on MTSU. If you compare one of their broadcasts to ours, you’ll see more evidence of why we were invited to the AAC and they weren’t.

At least we got that going for us. Hiphiphooray!!


Bad stat: We are 3-9 in games decided by 1 run and/or in extra innings (includes 0-4 in extras).

Hale Sims gets the start. I’m guessing he’ll give way to Giesting after 1 time through the order.

Solid effort, so far. Lead 3-0 in the 3rd, still batting.

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