2022 Week 11 Charlotte @ Middle Tennessee 3:30 PM ESPN 3

MTSU opens as 9 point favorite.

Only 9? Guess they suck too

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Elon beat Bill and Mary. We are terrible. Bet your entire life’s savings. Your home. Your worthless fsl’s

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I’m hoping to leave that asshole Stockstill with another loss to us. If we can be what we were at Rice we’ll come home victorious. If we play like Saturday though…that asshole might try to exceed the score of the first game we played them in.


I think Rice must have partied too hard before that game.

Does someone have any insight on why Calvin Camp barely plays? He was a leading rusher in 2021 and had a good game verse Rice but other than the one Rice game he has barely touched the field? Our run game is pathetic most of the time so what gives?


possible reasons include but not limited to:

  1. slept with one of the coach’s daughters
  2. had a secret affair with one of the coaches and now they aren’t talking
  3. got caught putting thumb tacks in the coaches office chairs
  4. got caught TPing the coaches homes
  5. votes differently than the coaches
  6. ignores friend requests from coaches
  7. likes pineapple on his pizza

Should be kicked off the team for that alone!

Looks fairly even going by this. Their bad offense vs our bad defense. Something has got to give.


Looks like a cool and cloudy day there. Perfect for a NINER upset win!


This weather is terrible.

This may be the coldest game I’ve been to.

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I checked the forecast and apparently it was accurate. Hate it for the team. I know both teams will be playing in it, but a team like ours with a very narrow margin for error could pay the price for less than ideal conditions. But we’ve lost in pretty good conditions, so there’s that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Prediction: MTS 24 Charlotte 31 Improving defense, balanced offense

Somehow after messing around for thirty minutes in the espn app on my smart tv I’ve found access to our game. I hope it works so I don’t have to watch on my pc.