2022 Week 2 - Maryland @ Charlotte, 9/10 3:30 PM Stadium

Big Ten vs C-USA. First ever meeting on the gridiron between the schools, with return game in College Park in 2023.

More likely to happen…
  • We beat Maryland
  • Football team plays in bowl game this year
  • Basketball team wins CUSA regular season
  • Sanchez & Healy both get fired after their upcoming season

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Duh. What is this?

It’s called being positive and energizing this thread. It’ll be interesting to see the results but winning one game with shear luck has to be a more likely option than the rest. There will be plenty of negative things to post about after kickoff.

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I really don’t like how ESPN uses our Green C on a gold field. Thinks it’s ugly AF.

Would much prefer White C on green field or vice versa.

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Kind of like a fantasy girlfriend you’ll never have?

The poll is going to firing both Sanchez and Healy but I think there’s 0% chance of that happening. I can’t see us paying out both coaches. I think we have at least a solid 1% of beating Maryland.

clt says Maryland looks pretty good v buffalo

No Vegas line yet but I imagine it’ll be a minimum of 27.5 in favor of the Terps - maybe more.

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Closer to 40 in favor of the Terps

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Looking forward to a good day of tailgating. :call_me_hand:


clt may smoke some turtle

Surprise! The early line on the game is only +27.

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Sounds like free money to me.

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Darn - was only 0.5 point off on my original guess.

So you are saying there is still a chance?

I vote we tailgate really hard and hope we don’t embarrass ourselves.

That’s been me since 2013


Wouldn’t be shocked to see the Terps cover the spread by halftime.
For the first time in a long time, I’m dreading what will almost surely happen next Saturday to the point that I may just stay home. Could stop by the parking lot and say "Hey’ to some fellow sufferers and then head out to save time and embarrassment. Go Niners.

Give the points. It’s free money.