2022 Week 3 Charlotte @ Ga St 9/17 7:00 PM ESPN+

Ga St is 0-2 but gave South Carolina (ST miscues turned that game) and Chapel Hill all they wanted. This is a typical Shawn Elliot team, hard nosed and physical. This appears to be two programs heading in opposite directions. We open +19 1/2, that is staggering.

They are run first, and they like to pass it in PA to their big TE #84.

I don’t see us slowing them down at all. They have 2 RBs, they could both go for 100+. Wish I was just bashing. This is objectivity speaking.

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The sad thing is that we are nearly a 20 pt. dog to a Sunbelt team that may finish last in their DIVISION. “Hallelujah. Holy $h!+. Where’s the Tylenol?”

Do we think Chris Reynolds is playing this weekend?

Georgia State is definitely battle tested and relies on its heavy run attack. I didn’t see any of there first two games but I wonder if they kill the clock and tire out the defense by rotating in several backs. Do y’all think our line our dbacks are a weaker point?


I meant do we think our d-line or d- backs are a weaker point

To quote Hootie, yes…

I think Chris will play but our inability to stop the run will not allow us to keep up even with him back at QB. Ga St appears to be too physical for us. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

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As I believe I said earlier, they have 2 feature backs. They are run first to setup what I believe (from what I saw vs CHeat) was primarily a PA passing game. They have a big TE, #84, that they used a couple of times in clutch situations (he had a 5 yd TD I think), very effectively, in addition to their wideouts. And the QB is mobile as well.

This is last year’s game:

They are a ball control rather than a prolific offense, but I still expect to give up at least 40 to them. 50 or 60 wouldn’t surprise me. We do not match up well with anyone, but especially them.

We are 19.5 pt dogs and honestly, if I were betting, I would probably lay the points.

clt says we need Reynolds bigly

I believe some of our fans have a nickname for Tucker Gregg…

1 guess what it is.

Looking at some numbers.

Maryland’s 10 drives resulted in:
8 TD
1 INT in the endzone
1 Punt

W&M’s 10 drives resulted in:
5 TD
2 FG
1 missed FG
2 Punts

FAU’s 10 drives:
4 TD
3 FG
3 Punts

So if you count the missed FG as a stop, we have 8 total stops in 3 games on defense. Opponents have scored on 73% of their drives vs our defense.


Just play better. Can we force a punt in the first half?

I would probably pass out if we made Ga State go 3 and out on their first possession.


The offense will be ready to go after a couple minute break either way… punt or td in first set of downs.

clt says ga so will have Atlanta on their jerseys for the game for some reason?

This isn’t a falcons v panthers game