2022 Week 4 Charlotte @ South Carolina 7:30 PM ESPNU

20 point dog on the road, sounds familiar. This USC team is not as good as they have been hyped up to be. We have a shot at this if the coaching staff can get out of their own way.


I’d like the optimism, but we are going to spot them at least 40 points. Unless that can change, not sure even Reynolds can save us.

I bought tickets to this game before the season so we are going. I also like checking out different college football stadiums. I hope we can give them a scare for a little while, the defense improves, and we walk away healthy as possible.

clt says we beat Carolina

Our offense is good enough to pull it off but the D is still a long ways from that. I hope we can score on them and the D takes another step forward. The UTEP game is another one we have to win so want us peaking going into it.

Really hope you’re not basing that analysis on what happened to them against UGA on Saturday. UGA is in a different stratosphere. They still have better athletes all over the field than us.

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I was going to say the same thing.

I’m basing it on the fact that USC has done nothing impressive season. We’re not playing Clemson or Lamar Jacksons Louisville. We’re playing a slap average SEC team that was overhyped at the beginning of the season.

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Not at wide receiver

Ga St gave them all they wanted as well, score was misleading because of the blocked kicks but that game was in major doubt well into the second half. I don’t think we have the D to push them that hard but if it was improved this game would be there to be won (think 2018 UT game in reverse)

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We are playing the real Carolina? Not imposter?

One positive is the weather is predicted to be ideal: no rain, cool and not humid.
As for the game, it won’t be like Tennessee, because we have no Ogunjobi or Highsmith. More like 42-14.

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I just hope we dont make Rattler look good. Cant stand him

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Praising John Goodman GIF by The Righteous Gemstones

Just meant we’re playing a mediocre SEC team again, last time our D was good and we had an offense that was struggling, now it’s the other way around.

Hopefully we can score enough to put the pressure on them, they’ve got to be reeling a bit.

I’ll be shocked if we keep it within four touchdowns. Sc may not be super talented, but they have a lot more size than we do. Our lines will struggle and any benefit of having reynolds back will be negated by him running for his life all day.

I’m just hoping we finish the day without reynolds injured again.


We will set up the tailgate in Gamecock park at 2PM! Ya’ll come join us. We will be next to AA bus and tailgate.


Yea for sure not covering the 20 point spread…