2023-24 49er MBB Game #9 Charlotte @ #22 Duke 12/9 2:15 PM The CW


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The CW might as well be Stadium for DIRECTV Stream users :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

CW is available over the air.

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clt says let’s focus on tonite’s game first


Channel 11 on Charlotte Spectrum

Remember in '09 when Phil Jones was inbounding the ball along the baseline and just decided to walk onto the court? That was a much better Charlotte team than this one.

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Wish we were not getting them on a 2 game losing streak.

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That was also a better Duke team back then (I am not saying that’s going to matter on Saturday lol). I went to that game and have no interest in returning this time. I expect Saturday will be pretty ugly, hopefully we come out injury free.


How can you watch this game in the modern age. Aka streaming

Either OTA (get a cheap digital antenna) or get a streaming basic cable replacement service that has CW in its channel listing. Might wanna do a free trial of YTTV, Hulu Live, or FuboTV.

I’d imagine local bars would also be able to show it easily.

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clt says go to hooters, they’ll have it on

Duke in a bit of a slump, might be looking to prove a point. What happens in this game?

  • Charlotte wins by 10+
  • Charlotte wins by 5
  • Charlotte barely wins
  • Duke barely wins
  • Duke wins by 5
  • Duke wins by 10+
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clt says nice work cw, that isn’t our mbb page

King Of The Hill I Give Up GIF


two thumbs up GIF by Hooters

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Whats happened to Sammys ?

We are still watching games at Sammy’s, it just hasn’t been an official spot for some of these events. I’m not sure what has to happen to make it “official”, but we will be there.