2023-24 49er MBB Game #9 Charlotte @ #22 Duke 12/9 2:15 PM The CW

Is 8% the minimum it allows? We would need to shoot 45%+ from 3, and for Duke to have a reallllllly bad shooting night for us to have any chance. Unfortunately I see a 25+ point drubbing coming. If JT shoots 7-8 from 3, I’ll feel better about our chances.

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clt says we can certainly win this game. braswell is the x factor

Current spread via draftkings Duke -13.5 O/U 137

I believe a low scoring game favors us. Issue is their center. Davidson center exposed Jackson.

We need to use Niagu more.

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Duke’s center is 1-11 from 3pt his last 3 games.

He will definitely have a career day then. Book it.


Only 13.5 points??? If I had an easy way to bet I’d def put money on Duke. I’d be happy if we kept it to 14 points.

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If we cover the spread that is a huge victory IMO.




If Fearne has a good showing against Duke, Hill should start working on his contract.
You know what you have, go with it and support him.

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What is considered a good showing at Duke coming off 2 losses and wanting to make a statement to get back on track?

You have to get Fearne some recruiters. Everyone talking about Major and his recruiting but look at his assistants and their reputations ( good and bad).

I don’t know what BigTime considers a good showing, but any lose in single digits is a good showing in my book. We will see, I think Filipowski is going to have his way with us though…

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“Good showing” is obviously subjective. Kinda like Porn, you know t when you see it.

Sick bastard. There are kids on here!!
Baptist still pulling for ya BigTime. Me I have almost lost hope.

Fearne has a long way to go in my opinion to earning a contract. Still early in the season.