2023-24 49er MBB Games #4-5 - Charlotte @ Jacksonville Classic 11/19-20



Really disappointing loss agains a decent team…UCF has had only one losing season (and that was covid year) since Dawkins arrived there, NIT second round last season…it’s where we want to be (NCAA or NIT, nothing less), so I’m encouraged by this team so far. Some terrible mistakes at the end, and I’ve no doubt the players are far more disappointed than I am, will learn from it, but I’m more confident that Fearne can work on those mistakes than RS ever seemed able. Hope I’m right about that. Seems the defense is better this year, but we’re not a good shooting team (hope that improves) yet.

This doesn’t seem to be a bad team…not sure how good they might be. Georgia State should be another good test…would’ve prefered being 4-1 going into that one…I wanted a pony for Xmas every year too.




Are you a coach, manager, or a player? Based on the fact that you must have been on the bench or in the huddle to know he didn’t tell them that.

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That sucked. No excuse not to win there. I won’t put it on the coach unless we see a similar finish later. Absolutely can not make those kind of mistakes especially down the stretch.

Missing FTs with the game on the line took me back to Alan Major ball.


Probably could have survived with 2 of the three errors, just not all 3. Painful. The missed FT, the 2 turnovers, and their offensive board on the missed FT and foul. Hell of a sequence.


Listened to the last 5 min of this one. Really bad way to lose, just dumb mistakes.
Glad to see some post about players making mistakes instead of trashing the coach all the tiime.
When Players execute, Coach looks great, otherwise he sucks.
Guys have to play smart in cruch time. Hard to coach that.


The collapse from last night was painful but I recall a worse meltdown in the 1979-1980 season against Jacksonville on the road. We were up by nine with less than a minute to play and then missed FT’s, turnovers and offensive rebounds did us in. Like the loss to UCF, everything possible went wrong in the last 60 seconds.


I regret that I didn’t get to post in this thread while the game was going on. My son had surgery yesterday and I had to help take care of him. I did listen to pretty much the whole game on radio. My son enjoyed looking at the stat tracker for a bit; he loves looking up college basketball, college football, and NFL scores even at his very young age.

Charlotte, without a doubt, gave me and other UCF fans a major scare. CLT’s 49ers are a damn good team. We had some stats working heavily in our favor in this game such as rebounding and free-throw shooting, and yet Charlotte still very nearly beat us. Watch out, American, Charlotte is looking good.

clt provides comment from UCF fan on AAC Chat Page



Glad I didn’t pay for that. After hearing that, I’m guessing lifetime means it will be available for the 2 months they are able to keep their server up and running for downloads.

What trophy do you get for having more moral victories than anyone else?

No mention of moral victories by Coach after last night’s game.

If Charlotte was truly really good, we would not need to post random empty attaboy’s here from fans of the team who just beat us.

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I found the post interesting


Why? Do tell. My God, chronic losing has set such a low bar here that we find ways to get way too comfortable with losing.

clt says the point is that we are better than expected right now


The Pittsburgh merit award :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think the coach is pulling a lot out of these kids. We are definitely playing better than we would with Sánchez as coach. We are still paying for his sins this year. Inexperienced roster and not a lot of depth. Most of these players haven’t had to make the play in crucial situations. We also had multiple players play over 40 minutes in the game coming off a game the night before.

I’m not saying they should of made the plays to win but we are going to have to expect growing pains this season


Yeah but growing pains in a possible throw away season is not ideal. Just sucks where Ron Ron left us!

IMO Fearne has taught / coached this team an identity of toughness that Ron Ron could never do. We have also changed defenses ingame to change pace and steal possessions more in 5 games than the entire time Ron Ron was here.