2023-24 Niner Basketball 🏀

Really wish the AAC would have stayed with the 20 game conference sked. Instead of getting NET top 100 type non-con opponents etc to fill in that 2 game gap, mostly ending up with things like this and non-D-1s.

BTW, Stetson was #163 last season.

2023-24 CHARLOTTE 49ERS MBB SCHEDULE (tentative - updated 9-18)

(home games in bold)

Nov 6 Maine

Nov 10 vs Liberty @ Spectrum Ctr

Nov 16 Utah Valley (on-campus game of Jax Classic)

Nov 19-20 @ Jacksonville Classic
Nov 19 vs George Mason
Nov 20 vs UCF/S Dak St

Nov 27 Georgia State

Nov 29 Davidson

Dec 5 Stetson

Dec 9 @ Duke

Dec 16 @ Richmond

Dec 29 @ Stetson

Plus 2 OOC opponents TBA

AAC matchups - dates TBA

@ Memphis
North Texas
@ Rice
@ Temple
@ Tulane
@ Tulsa
Wichita State



Bought The Almanac for the 2023-24 MBB basketball season, so will be poring over the various team capsules - especially for the AAC and our OOC foes.

Still mulling over whether to also get the Blue Ribbon College Basketball Yearbook as well. If the former is as comprehensive as advertised, then may just stick with it.


Had modest numbers at OK State and Syracuse prior to heading back “home” to George Mason. Will see him in the Jax tourney.


The home and home in season with Stetson sucks.

How does this happen?

Where’s the App game?

How about UNCW, UNCG, Elon, NCAT, UNCA.

What the hell.


I think when the coach called them to schedule, they thought the voice was a telemarketer. They probably kept hanging up when they heard something like Good Day Mate!

My guess is we are saving money doing home/home with Stetson instead of doing a buy game only.

The home and home was scheduled because their arena has a nice fragrance.

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Probably afraid Ron was still gonna be here one more year :rofl:

Its G’day mate !

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We only play Memphis once and it’s away.

Pretty difficult non con. Home and home in season sucks. I heard Greensboro College is only there because we had a D1 opponent back out of that game last minute

The non con is hot garbage.

If we wanted to save money why don’t we play someone in NC or SC.

Furman? USC Upstate? Clemson? Coastal?

Maine and, especially, Utah Valley seem like natural rivals to me.

I don’t wear no Stetson
But I’m willin’ to bet son
That I’m big a Texan as you are
There’s a girl in her bare feet
Asleep on the back seat
And that trunk’s full of Pear beer and Lone Star

What a great song!

Guess we gave up on getting another OOC opponent to get to 31 games, especially with having to schedule D-III Greensboro College. That or the AAC only allows one non-D-1 regular season foe. Going from 20 to 18 league games didn’t really help anyone but FAU and Memphis.

When I see the non con schedule it reminds me of a different lyric.

And that would be Merle’s “Are the good times really over for good?”

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They have long been gone.