2023-24 Niner Basketball 🏀



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clt says hooray! jacksonville


Apparently we also had the option of participating in the Cayman Islands Classic, which includes:

Ole Miss
SF Austin
Utah State

Good lord already starting… so instead of playing NCAA tourny participants Drake and Utah State, and ACC foe Wake… we go and play UCF and George Mason… Ron already looking for those cup cake wins baby!


Wouldn’t call UCF and George Mason cupcakes, especially since the former finished 32 spots ahead of us in the NET. And Providence didn’t hire the latter’s coach because the Pats were pushovers.

Anyway, just seems like we’d want to use a tournament to maximize our OOC opportunities since the AAC has inexplicably decided on an 18 game conference schedule instead of 20.


Lower travel costs, less if a budget hit.

clt says lets get waffle house and perkins on the trip!

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Jones is the boys basketball coach at Myers Park HS.

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Don’t know if Rick Pitino was part of the St. John’s group visiting Myers Park HS. They are reportedly recruiting Elijah Strong. And we inexplicably are not.

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I hope we don’t play Belmont Abbey next year.


FWIW, we were the only team in C-USA this past season that didn’t schedule any non-D1 opponents. And that should be the case going forward in the AAC. Cincinnati was the lone conference team that played a lower division opponent in 2022-23 and that was in the season opener vs D2 Chaminade.

And lets not forget…we’re the only D1 team that are '23 CBI Champions !!!

That’s right. We won the biggest 2023 march tournament in Daytona.

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Would someone be able to post our current roster with the new additions?

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Also, I bet Sanchez has Le Moyne College on speed dial currently trying to setup that home-and-home. Years ago I remember they beat Syracuse in an exhibition game. So weird they are the “Dolphins” in upstate NY!


clt says the average fan doesn’t know how good Guelph is

Looking back on what we have now, there is no way we would have let Bobby Lutz go. Check out his record then vs where we have been since.

This was the worst mistake ever made in the history of Charlotte 49ers athletics. We had our coach, we just turned our backs on him. Darn shame. Had he stayed, Charlotte basketball would have remained nationally respectable.

All programs have down cycles. Bobby’s down cycle looks like great success compared to our current state.