2023 49er Football Season 🏈

  1. Tarp anyone?

  2. This will get banned quick on the deck tops.

The issue is getting the water to the tailgate. Trust me I’ve tried.

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clt says either pump from pristine toby creek, or try to find a tap in the epic bldg?

Can’t let EZU beat us!

(I still like our green helmet the most).

22 win season [quote=“Nineradvocate, post:683, topic:36587, full:true”]


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Felt like this deserved to be here:




*# *Sept. 23 | Charlotte | Tom Petty Day at The Swamp

It will be Tom Petty Day at The Swamp when the Gators host Charlotte, presented by UF Health. The 2023 football season will mark the sixth anniversary of ‘I Won’t Back Down’ being played at the end of the third quarter and UF will be celebrating the Gainesville native all day long. A special, co-branded line of merchandise in tribute of music icon Tom Petty and the Florida Gators will be available online and on game day.

I hope that song applies more to us than them.




Maybe we should jump on the bandwagon and blow out the Gators as well


Damn the Gators getting no love at all.

That board was probably made by someone who is a fan of a team that the Gators stomped on for years. They are still the Florida Gators, but I hope he is right for our sake.

I’m here for it

Solid. Has at least 3 guys starting who have already transferred out. :roll_eyes:

Phil Steele at least has a sit down or zoom call with the staff of each team before he puts these things out. Let’s see what he has to say.

clt expected to see chris reynolds and dubose in that magazine


AAC Championship odds according to FanDuel

Tulane +170
Memphis +430
SMU +500
UTSA +650
FAU +1400
North Texas +1600
East Carolina +2600
Temple +2900
Tulsa +2900
UAB +2900
Navy +3700
USF +4800
Rice +6000
Charlotte +10000

They did no research whatsoever. LOL! Jones bested Williams all Spring and transferred out. GREAT reporting guys. Let’s shock the world.