2023 49er Football Week #10 - Charlotte @ Tulsa 11/4 4:00 PM ESPN+

Niners open as 3 pt dogs:


And the question is: Who will quarterback this week? I thought Shoffner threw the ball well at the end of last week’s game, although arguably trash time at that point.

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Not trusting anything I have seen at the end of games. They all have looked great. Would like to see something different. Ideally, we have a primary pocket passer with a strong run game. It is nice if the pocket passer can run, but he should look to pass first. I believe that is what Biff is looking for and what Michigan does.

Anyone know anything about Jones’ and Ivey’s injuries yet? Or do you guys think that’ll be kept secret like the list of suspended players?

Tulsa has no idea what to prepare for. QB could realistically be any one of 4. An educated guess is that the suspensions will come mostly on defense but really thats not even known.

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It was trash time but Shoffner did look better than I expected even in that situation. Made a few good throws and ran well too. I know it will be completely different when we’re not playing against a soft prevent defense but he showed he can pass and run which is something we really haven’t seen in a qb this season. At this point I’m looking for anything positive I can find.


We’re catching 3 from a team that got out scored 111-20 the last two weeks. Let that sink in.

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We also will have approximately 10 starters out

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I personally don’t want them to be hurt, I just don’t want they to play. I feel we know what we get from those 2 players, I would like to see Shoffner and Bowens get some extended playing time. Might open up the playbook a bit


Exactly what I hope for also. I think everyone is tired of watching the starting two. I hope the staff is at the “what is there to lose?” stage and gives us one of the other guys. Of course we did not get to see Bowens except for that 4th and 20 play, but Shoffner looked comfortable out there. Granted, coverage was minimal due to the prevent defense but I liked what I saw. I just hope his skills can translate well to normal gameplay.


So do we ever get a list of the players not going Saturday. This was a winnable game.

Id bet we won’t get one til closer to the game so as to keep our opponent guessing.

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Watch it be a ploy to bring Jones out of “injury” and surprise them with the TPO all game. Would be a dreadful night for all.

On Niners Live Coach’s show, Poggi said Shoffner will get his chance Saturday. Said Jones and Ivey both have thigh bruises. He didn’t say specifically whether they would play or not. Sounds like King and Byrd are out long term but did not give details.

Good show. I recommend listening. Poggi talked about addressing the team about their play and the suspensions. Jairus Mack & Coach Hartline were on. Insightful. Locker room doesn’t sound lost.

It’s available on the Varsity network app, on demand.
Link: The Varsity Network



This will be interesting…

Our pass rush will be impacted.

Prince Bemah is nice if not a potential fake like Jones might also be.







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Okie, Handy, anyone else

Thats enough… :frowning:

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