2023 49er Football Week #11 Charlotte vs Memphis 11/11 2:00 PM ESPN+


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Strangely espn+ shows the game time as 3:00

Listing Memphis by 11 on 11/11:

Can we get a different helmet/uniform combination this week, we have used the white “away” helmet for every game if I remember correctly, we did break out the gold and green uniforms a few times but lets see the gold chrome with green uniforms or green helmets with gold uniforms this week


Biff doesn’t strike me as a bling guy, unless the players push him to change.

I really couldn’t care any less which uniform or helmet we wear, but i do kind of like the consistency of one or two combinations.


Someone said we got expensive new helmets. I am wondering if we only got them in one color?

I like having a standard uni combo and then breaking out alt versions for big games. I am good sticking with what we have used so far and then breaking out gold chrome vs ECU next year.

It is only white helmets this season.

Yes. Just white

Racist :laughing:

clt says the new helmets are $700 each

White was my least favorite of our 3 helmets.

I agree, but I dont want white to be our primary helmet/uniform, we should have the green for home games, white for road games, and gold for rivalry games ( ECU ) or ranked teams

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I couldn’t tell what helmet or jersey color we wore when we beat Marshall or Duke. I just like it when we play well and win.


Don’t care about the damn helmets but I do hope we can slow them down a bit. Would love for it to be a game in the 4th Q


I dislike losing teams publishing ever changing uniform videos each week. I prefer the focus/spotlight on field activities.