2023 49er Football Week #12 Charlotte vs Rice 11/18 2:00 PM ESPN+

Opening as 1 to 2 pt underdogs at home vs Rice.

Rice still has an opportunity to bowl on the line. I hope the team is extra focused this week and gives the fans a win to end our home schedule. Need to build momentum going into next season. As of right now the weather forecast looks very nice.

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What’s the status of Hestra?


Haven’t heard any update on Hestera’s injury yet.

Hope I am wrong but got a feeling this is going to be a “low effort” game for us.
Probably playing some new guys and nothing really to play for.
Yes, I know, play for Pride - Blah blah blah.

Not just for pride. For momentum, student excitement and recruiting. 5-7 looks a lot better in year 1 than 3-9 to recruits.


Looks a shit-ton better.

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I don’t think the team mails it in next week.

I think they are a tough minded bunch who love their coach and they are gonna play hard.

It would be huge for momentum to get another win at home.

And if you went to the game last week and stayed it through. That wasn’t a program killer loss. That was a damn we are better that I thought loss.


Well said, Gassman. I agree.

Exactly Gassman. I sit behind the bench and don’t think there is anyone that will mail it in. If there is, I bet they won’t be here next year. Hope the seniors go out with a win.

I am not able to go to next week’s game anymore and I have 2 tickets and 1 parking pass available. Please message me privately as I am looking to sell all of these for a cheap deal. Thank you!

Is their QB Daniels back from injury?





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Im not going to lie, i hate osbourne saying that. It makes us sound like a last refuge for p5 guys who dont hack it snd they will definitely start bc they are p5. Lots of dudes at p5 dont play bc they arent good.

I know what he’s trying to do here. And I appreciate the sentiment but I agree it does sound a little desperate.

We need to be a development heavy program in the end. Not a transfer heavy program. Our best players have been developed in house historically. (Davis, Ogunjobi, Highsmith, Tucker, Reynolds, Phillips, Lamar, etc.)

Development of our own recruits with supplemental transfers should be the ultimate goal.


The problem with that is that after we develop guys, they will potentially transfer. I think we are in prime position to be screwed, no matter what.

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Dont get me wrong, im very much for using the portal but im not for being the branch p5 guys grab onto before the hit the ground

There are plenty of quality players go to these schools and simply don’t play. Could be for multiple reasons, but they have the talent just because they were one of the better players in high school. I think what he is saying is that we will develop you and play you whereas the other schools have a backlog of guys like you. I guarantee that the opportunities for a 4 or 5 star freshman is much less at the P5 level than the G5 level. You have guys with the same or similar talents that have been in the program (weights, diet, development). These kids go there and they get little to no run unless they are really good. Whether we develop 2 star kids out of high school or 4 and 5 star sophomores and juniors, we are still developing. The key is that the 2nd transfer is much harder than the 1st.