2023 49er Football Week #12 Charlotte vs Rice 11/18 2:00 PM ESPN+

Ask Neon Dion how hard it is to turn a D1 program around overnight. He also had millions of NIL $s to buy players.
Next two years will tell the tale.


I’m not looking at either side of the ball. I’m looking at locker room and the overall culture and mental toughness of the team.

The two take aways for the season for me are the offensive philosophy has to be finalized between OC and HC. If they can’t get on the same page Miller has to go. If Biff wants him gone it will happen.

The second take away is just the overall evaluation of talent, character, toughness etc. the staff made some bad calls and it impacted the team. From running off talents like Taylor Thompson and Xavier to the mental challenges on the defensive side.

It’s a first year staff figuring things out. This year was a solid first step. Now they have to shore things up where they failed and take the next step.

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I will make some excuses because the injuries really piled up on the offensive side of the ball. The RB position hurt us the most I think. We started to see production out of Robinson and the he went down. He tried to come back, but was hurt again. I think they shut him down to save him a season. The O-line has also suffered. I won’t include the QB position because it is clear the talent was not there even when healthy. We need upgrades at the WR position as well but QB sticks out the most. They need an accurate game manager to complement the run. They don’t need a QB that is going to rush for 50 yards a game. Let the RB horses do that. If Ivey was accurate and made better reads we would have a QB that is good enough for the offense they want to run.

I am over my disappointment because I quit drinking the Kool-Aid that Poggi was selling a couple of losses ago. If I throw out the Poggi comments early in the season, I think we have made good progress in year 1 of the new coaching staff. If we don’t have hope with a QB next season I think we will have an issue. I don’t need to see a complete QB, but need to see enough flashes to know that he will improve in the future. I don’t see that with Ivey. We need to be at or above 6 wins next year or we are not on the right path.

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That’s the Gold Standard!

That’s the Gold Standard!

That’s the Gold Standard!

We are better than last year but still not good enough

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I’m not sure we are better than last year, just bad in different ways.


When the bar was set at subterranean, anything outside of not having football is better than last year. It’s OK to not find a positive this season. That doesn’t mean we aren’t loyal fans, it’s the contrary. Truth hurts, so let’s see how they come out the other end :crossed_fingers::call_me_hand:


OMG. Just forced myself to watch the post game presser.

  • Miller sounds like the 2 guys on social media that do the press conference describing their parenting skills with the kids!!!

  • Biff sounds like a consultant that has been brought in to evaluate the program from the outside.

  • Coach Oz sounds like the only FB coach at the podium. No wonder the defensive unit is ahead of everyone.

  • The first ESPN Doc episode had Biff preaching he is the best person in the world at fixing broken kids. Now he is stating that they will not bring in kids with character issues!!! WTF!!! What the actual f@ck!!! If that does not scream I am in over my head and still trying to figure it out I dont know what to tell you. He keeps praising the Academy teams but recruits our roster and now wants to talk to guidance counselors. I can’t keep up.

We are in a conference where the champion actually gets in the CFP and we have a Coach that is trying to figure the job out and changing his coaching philosophy weekly.

This off season portal and next season is make or break for a lot of things and people if we want to fullfill the plans presented to the public.

I wish I had not watched now.


You can bring on some kids ya want to fix. That’s fine. You can’t have half a roster of them.


We need kids that can fix broken coaches


I watched the post game yesterday and started to post but it was to negative.
Seems like Biff has to create a certain amount of content for ESPN everytime he speaks.
He talks to his team through the press. Don’t understand throwing your starting QB under the bus and
then expecting him to come out and perform next game.
It does seem like some scholarships went to the wrong kids.
Im pulling for Biff. The staff now has time to evaluate Players and get their system in place.

Got to stop trashing existing players. Last time I checked 5 stars aren’t lined up to get in the door here.


The refs were good yesterday and the weather was nice.


Can we expect any staff changes in the offseason? Our receivers don’t run routes to get open or even look back for the ball much of the time.

Can we not have a dedicated quarterbacks coach and a dedicated receivers coach?

The funny thing here is that Ivey actually did step up and beat out be scholarship QBs.

We can’t lay the blame for this season on a walk on QB that outperforms his expected level of play.

The other QBs are where the problem is. Along with our talent evaluation at QB this off season.

What we desperately need is for Carson Black to be the real deal. Grab the starting role and never give it up. Become a four year starter and excel.


That was a brutal performance. I looked like we had figured some things out offensively against Tulsa and Memphis but we resorted to form Saturday.

It was rough watching us get handled like that by Rice without JT Daniels.

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We’re not good. Lack of talent and after 11 games we still have no identity. Oh well, I guess I pissed money away betting the over of three.

Off to pack up the tailgate till next year…

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I can’t believe I bet on us to get in the conference. What an idiot I was for buying in to the winning now stuff.

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