2023 AAC Football season 🏈

Couple of serious financial barriers to WSU getting football back:

  1. They play at Cessna stadium, which at least until recently looked like this:

It sat 30k people but was scheduled for demolition during Covid (never happened - too worried about disrupting HS track meets?). It had serious deferred maintenance issues and was considered a public safety issue, requiring too much maintenance and upkeep to continue to operate.

  1. Their board of regents approved a renovation in September of 2022, but it will only seat 12k and will feature a huge 9 lane track around the field:

They intend to leave the west stands untouched until 2025 to facilitate the HS track meets.

The total project cost of Phase 2A/2B is anticipated to be approximately $39.5 million (on top of $11.8 million for Phase 1). Funding for Phase 2A/2B will be a combination of university funds, private gifts and other local funding sources

Honestly, that place looks like Apps Stadium. I’m surprised they haven’t brought it back since they already have an on campus facility.

Damn. They had almost a century of football.

What a shame.

Everyone knows about the Marshall football team plane crash, but how many know of the similar Wichita State crash?

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Had no idea. Did that contribute to the demise of the program?

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Horrible pilot error, lack of knowledge, really sad.

Memorial off the highway on your way to ski resorts in Colorado.


I dont guess so, as they played another 16 years i think.

SMU news:


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Everyone has us at 3 wins.

I have to start actually gambling.

Over 2.5 wins feels like free money.

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How awesome would it be to crash this party?

Longshot, I know. But is it wrong for a Niner fan to want nice things? Are we allowed?


Wouldnt suprise me at all

Are you referring to Top 25 or CFB playoff pic?

I believe Tulane’s chance would stem from beating USC in Cotton Bowl last year and then beating Ole Miss this year… that is what would give them a potential path. But would have to go the highly unlikely undefeated….

Both. Biff said CFP is his goal. Ill believe him