2023 AAC Football season

FAU has landed former 4 star and Boise State starting QB Hank Bachmeier:

He threw for 20 TDs and over 3,000 yards in 2021 before entering the portal early in the 2022 season.

Hank Bachmeier opted to transfer just a few days after Boise State’s loss to 15-point underdog UTEP on Sept. 23. Offensive coordinator Tim Plough was fired the day after the game. Bachmeier came to Boise State as one of the highest-rated recruits in program history.

Bachmeier is a four-year starter at Boise State, and by leaving before playing in his fifth game this season, he will preserve two seasons of eligibility remaining at his new school.

Can pretty much pencil him in as FAU’s day 1 starter for 2023 (and 2024). Though his Boise seasons were up and down statistically, and included a good #of INTs and sacks for this traditional pocket passer, this is a very strong pickup for FAU as he was one of the most accomplished QBs in the portal.


Have to imagine the weather and β€œscenery” in South Florida played a part in sealing this deal.

clt says going from boise to boca is quite the upgrade

Looks like it won’t be FAU after all:

Ouch. :owl:fans β†’ :sob:

Ruston over south Florida.

Tom Delonge Wtf GIF

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Well, he chose what he thought was the best football fit over locale. That said, no denying that Ruston is out in the middle of nowhere.

clt says cusa has passed the aac!

Um…wut? How the hell does that happen in 24 hrs?

Taking a peek at what FAU is up to…

$75 season tix.

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