2023 Baseball Offseason Thread

This is going to be a busy offseason for the Niners.

This is the thread to post summer ball news, portal news, AAC baseball news, etc




49 man roster…wow !

With the MLB Draft being moved to July, these Cape rosters get picked over mid-season, so they have lots of temporary contracts. See Nate Furman last summer.

We will have at least 2 new coaches in the AAC next year.

Wichita State has hired Brian Green from Washington State to replace Loren Hibbs.

Memphis will also have a new coach as their HC they hired last year has left to be the HC at Missouri.


We’ve had a few players enter the portal over the last month.

The guys we know of that have posted on social media:

Brevan Yarbro RHP
Josh Patrick 1B/OF
Huck Wathan C
JD Suarez INF

A couple listed on D1 Baseball Transfer Tracker:

Christian Lothes LHP
Nick Cosentino RHP

Larry David No GIF by Curb Your Enthusiasm

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Georgia has named the LSU Pitching Coach Wes Johnson as their new head coach.

What does that have to do with us?

Now the LSU Pitching Coach job is open and if you remember last offseason, LSU came after Woodard for that position. I wonder if they will try again.

Promising incoming lefty bat Jake Goolsby. He’s playing up in the Northwoods league this summer. You can actually watch their games on ESPN+




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clt recommends northwoods ball. nice to watch in the morning

A couple of more players entering the portal listed on D1 Baseball Transfer Tracker:

Eli Weisner
Blake Jackson
Calvert Clark

Surprised at Jackson. Was he and Wesiner expected? Both got plenty of time.

Especially surprised at Jackson. Thought he was happy here. Sorry to hear about Weisner too, he hit some big shots for us this year. Guess he wanted more PT.

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Could be several factors to enter the portal these days. It is something we are going to have deal with every year.

We currently have about 20 players committed. Look for more to be added in the portal.

What the hell Blake ???
One of our most dependable players, two outfield spots opening up, and you are a starter !
A fan favorite !

Agreed…dont understand that one.

Coach Bicknell listed as one of the several coaches ‘in the mix’ for the Memphis opening.



He’d look awfully good in Cardinals Red !