2023 Baseball Week 10 - At UNC (ACCNx); ECU at Truist (ESPN+); UAB (ESPN+)

Another big week ahead with 2 ranked teams on the mid-week schedule.

Get your tickets to see us uptown here:

We are halfway through the C-USA schedule and her is where everything stands:

UTSA ranked again in the D1 poll.

6 SC
10 CCU
18 UNC

We have games against #6, #7, #10, & #18 still on the schedule this season.

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Plenty of great tickets available for EZU vs home Charlotte 49ers; too many. Perfect night for baseball Thursday.

Knight named one of the Top Hitters from Sunday.

Huddpohl & Spolyar named Top 50 Pitchers for Week 9. Both should be in the running for CUSA Pitcher of the Week.


Did my part, bringing 2 groups to game Wednesday


Live in the triangle so won’t be able to bolster the crowd at Truist but the boy and I will be in Chapel Hill representing.


clt says be careful around the eCu fans, they are going to be overwhelmed in the big city


Hale Sims gets the ball tonight in Chapel Hill.

DBU & UTSA ranked in the Baseball America poll

clt asks how campbell is doing so well in baseball?

Just watched this week’s Diamond Niner Episode. That one was my favorite so far.


They’ve had a pretty solid team recently. It might be due to some major facility upgrades.

Their stadium was upgraded to be the temporary home of Astros A affiliate while the new ballpark in Fayetteville was constructed. They were the Buies Creek Astros for 2 years and they got a new all turf field, new video board, new seating, and major locker room upgrades as part of this.

We did beat them pretty bad last year up in Kannapolis.

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What’s the typical RPI break point for postseason vs stay at home?.

Last year UTSA got snubbed. Their RPI was 40 and they lost in the C-USA Championship game in a walk-off.

We probably need to be in that range I would suspect.

2-2 headed to the 6th. Each team has 5 hits, but the Holes have had more baserunners due to walks and hit batters.

Down 3-2 headed to B7…Conte came in an got a couple strikeouts,but now getting lit up. 2 run homer for Holes and now he hits our 6th batter of the night. Down 5-2 now, still in the 7th.