2023 Baseball Week 11 - At Winthrop (ESPN+); At WKU (Facebook)

RPI went from 52 to 56 after a 3-2 week.

Sitting in 3rd place in CUSA 2.5 games behind DBU for 1st.

Midweek at Winthrop, then we travel to WKU for the final time. No TV listed as of now.



Nice !

I noticed this week that Butcher was wearing googles at the plate. Are they like glasses to improve his vision or something else?

I thought that, too, but later noticed that he wasn’t the only guy wearing that. At least, I think some others were. His was just more noticeable.

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No TV/stream at WKU? Brutal.

I’m not sure the reason.

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We can’t get out of this conference fast enough.

WKU broadcasts some of their baseball on their facebook page. I watched some of their softball broadcasts when we played there in softball earlier this year. It is pretty much a doorbell camera hanging high behind home plate. Hopefully we can at least get some type of video.

I think they are just sunglasses.


Another huge gripe with this conference as it relates to baseball, we are teh only school in conference that has reply reviews available. The ONLY school! That is hard to believe especially with the other schools that are going to the AAC with us.

The AAC will require replay review. They will also require ESPN quality broadcasts with 2 announcers for games instead of just 1. Some schools have a long way to go. Hats off to our folks to have most of this ready to go for next year.


clt says there is a reason that we were the #2 aac pick after uab. we are ready already.

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This mean I need to mute twice?

Serious sunglasses! Looked like goggles when he had his batting helmet on. Thanks Mr. B.

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Jack has really turned his hitting around since the first of the season. It’s made a huge difference in our won/loss record. And his glove is consistently good.

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Templin said on the radio broadcast that Cunningham is out 7-10 days. He had to have stitches in his hand. He might miss this weekend.

Winthrop with a no hitter after 6 innings. Niners trail 5-1.

Edit: mentioning the no hitter works! Home run to narrow the gap to 5-2


Uggg…bases loaded, down 3 with 2 outs…Fisher up to bat…strikeout. :frowning: …1 hit in TOTAL for the top 6 in our lineup, including 0-13 between Cam, AK and Butcher against Winthrop. Thats not going to get it done.

Got exactly what we wanted in the 9th…
could have been huge :sleepy:

Yep…it couldn’t have been scripted any better up until that 3rd strike.