2023 Baseball Week 2 - at Clemson (ACCNx); Host Army (ESPN+/ CUSAtv)

First road trip of the season today down to Clemson. Collin Kramer on the mound vs. RHP Casey Tallent





Is Kramer right or left? What are his pitches and speed? Uncle asked. He did really well from my memory

GTS SHOWS lefty 94 mph?

Kramer is a LHP. He started game 2 on Saturday this past weekend. C-USA All-Freshman Team last year.

This one doesn’t look like it’s gonna go our way. Just 3 outs left for the good guys, and down 5-9.

Not mad. This is a very good Clemson club, and they have shown it in this game. They manufactured runs expertly and made great plays in the field.

I hope Blake Jackson finds some productivity. Could really use him setting the table for Knight. About the only nit I have to pick.

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Tight game until 7th. They will improve from this

Clemson showed today why analytics is not always the answer. Clemson moved runners into scoring position with steals, and according to the announcers they are not above bunting to move runners into scoring position. Also, it makes for a more exciting game. I believe this is one reason why MLB viewership is down. But the niners made it a great game.


Pretty good game. I felt like they got a few more clutch hits than we did, and maybe made a few more pitches than we did.

Clemson scored runs because they hit the ball. Scored on singles, doubles, and homers. I think only 1 run was scored by someone that stole a base.

Really nice ballpark and a good crowd for a Tuesday night.

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After watching us fail to plate runs in bases loaded situations in game #1, I appreciated their ability to bunt, sacrifice, and steal bases to setup runs, and put pressure on our staff. They did run themselves out of that last big inning, but the damage was done.

Their pitching staff was solid as well.

Coach Woodard was asked about this on our show this past Monday.


It had been a while since I’d been down to Clemson for a game. They had a really nice clubhouse building that was constructed since the last time I was there. I imagine ours will be similar except ours is only 2 stories and theirs is 3.

The lower level is their clubhouse and connects directly to the dugout and bullpen. The upper 2 levels turn into suite like areas with patio views of the field. Really nice.

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I’ll post this here too but first I must warn everyone that this could be considered explicit content and could trigger some people.

This is a portion of the gear shop inside the stadium. There were 2 large tents and a permanent booth structure not pictured. 3 different Nike baseball game jerseys, Nike football jersey, 5 different styles of Nike on field game hats. They are still waiting on the camo hats and jerseys to come in. Plus all the other gear.

I realize that they are a cream of the crop P5 school, but if I ever saw a collection of Niner gear like this all in one place I’d probably pass out.

My daughter graduated from Clemson last year. There are a couple of places on the main drag that have all kinds of stuff too. I like Clemson colors and their merch.

If this setup they had at the baseball stadium was our bookstore, I’d be happy.

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Tennessee does all of this stuff too plus in addition to the bookstore on campus there is usually at least one licensed merch store on Kingston Ave (“the strip” that runs through one end of campus).

We will know we have corrected a lot of AD faults when stuff like this is both available and in demand.

The rolling closable booths are a neat touch. Seems like a very obvious solution. Could also be repositioned from one sports stadium to the next as we change seasons.

Nice to see Austin Knight on fire out of the gate!!


This needs to be shown to anyone in the athletic department and say where’s ours? See if they give you a straight answer.

Lots of people’s reaction in gif form of that were to happen here.

Vince Mcmahon Wwe GIF

Any word on how fund raising is going for baseball?

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