2023 Baseball Week 3 - UNC Asheville (ESPN+); at Virginia Tech (ACCNx)

Week 3 starts today. Niners host UNC Asheville at 4:00

Clark Dearman on the mound for CLT.

Camโ€™s bat heating up!!


Turned on our game a couple minutes ago. 9-8 us in the bottom of the 4th. Must be a real pitches duel. :rofl:

Recently learned that all our home games will be on ESPN+ instead of CUSAtv. Only a few road games will still be on CUSAtv.

Happy Daniel Bryan GIF by WWE


Why does the ESPN app not have our score in their list of college baseball scores? Not just today but games last week.


Thats better news than this game isโ€ฆso far.

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Stay hot Cam! Straight centerfield!


Baseballs make Cam angry.

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13-8 , thank goodness for Spolyar and Michelson today. They settled things down late.


Cam has definitely flipped the switch !
His blast in the first inning cleared the leylands outside the wall on the fly !
Absolute :bomb:

Had trouble finding the zone for a little bit tonight and let them hang around longer than they should have. Hale, Spolyar & Michelson all put up zeros to secure the win.

Bats were on fire and we never trailed. Much needed win heading into a road weekend at #11 VT.

Nice to have Cunningham back in the lineup too.


clt says lutz canceled cusatv and gave us espn

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CUSA and future AAC member UTSA defeated P5 Baylor at Baylor tonight 8-3.


Some big games last night in CUSA.

LaTech beat #5 Ole Miss

FAU beat #22 Miami

DBU lost in 12 to #10 TCU, their 1st loss of the year.

LaTech got โ€œP Fivedโ€ last night at Ole Miss.

This same thing happened at Floriduh a few years back when they were trailing badly in the bottom of the fifth against Stetson. The Gators left the field untarped during a thunderstorm and the game was called.
Assholes gotta be assholes. :poop:

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