2023 Baseball Week 4 - UNC Wilmington in Kannapolis (CUSAtv); Old Dominion (ESPN+)

The Niners travel to Kannapolis to host UNCW on Wednesday. This will be the 3rd game we have played at Atrium Health Ballpark and we are 2-0. No TV listed but I’ve heard there is something in the works.

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WE then return to the Hayes this weekend to take on ODU.

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It’s a great place to watch our guys run up the score. The App game featured to longest inning beat down in that stadiums history.

I assume Woodard and Chastain are there tonight which means Sanchez is not??

If so, that is a pretty damning statement on the status of hoops. The coaches show to wrap up the regular season and to talk about the upcoming Conference Tourney…literally what should be the most hype coaches show of the year for basketball…aaaaaaaaannnnnd we’re gonna have our baseball and softball coaches on instead. Now THAT says a lot.


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Waiting for the keep Sanchez out of the baseball thread reply. 4,3, 2, 1

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There are 6,349 threads to discuss Ron Sanchez. This is not one of them.


Or…the basketball coaches are already headed to Frisco. Whatever.

Hopefully they find new jobs out there

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Wouldn’t think they would leave for a Thursday game on Monday though.
That’s 4 days early. But I guess that’s possible.

Well, seeing as how our MBB announcer was absent from his regular gig as MC tonight, I’d say its probable, as he travels with the team I’m sure. Also likely travel arrangements are made in advance and allowed for a Wednesday game, which could have been early Wed. WBB is playing at noon on Wed, so Cara sure as Hell wouldn’t want to have done the show tonight.

Enjoyed listening to Chastain and Woody.

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Vote for play of the week.

Looks like tomorrow’s game in K-town will be on CUSA tv.

Army currently beating #8 Arkansas 4-0 in the 6th.

Well nevermind. Since I last posted Arkansas has hit a 3 run HR and a solo HR to tie it.


Hale getting the start tomorrow.


Nice…he’s usually more effective when he starts!