2023 Baseball Week 5 - UNC-Chapel Hill (ESPN+); At LaTech (CUSAtv)

Conference play starts this week. We will be making our last trip down to Ruston!!!

Also an interesting mid-week game on Tuesday at the Hayes.

clt can confirm the change is not due to weather, but the UNC CHeat players asked for more time in the classroom

It’s game day!

Chapel Hill…… classrooms

Michael Scott Wink GIF

I got 2 lowers available for UNCCH game. DM if interested.


Wear your thermal underwear, gloves, and wool toboggan hat. :cold_face:

I have 2 lowers available for the UNCCH game tonight. DM if interested.

I can’t make it. Give ‘em hell. Bring professional grade signs

LHP Spolyar starting tonight. I expect to see us use a number of pitchers since we didn’t play Sunday and we are starting conference play this weekend.

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clt asks if you can smoke in the grassy area

I have two lower level tickets available for a Niner fan.

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So far, so :face_vomiting:

Our stellar pitching shows up again…down 7-2 through 2.

Im glad Woodard is a pitching coach, otherwise we might get embarrassed. Down 10-2 , with 1 out in the 3rd. 3 homers given up already…our pitching is beyond awful.

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It’s a midweek game… they don’t mean anything

Yeah right…we are looking like the Bad News Bears in the field now. 2 pop flys drop on us, then we bobble a routine grounder to 2nd. Those allowed atleast 2-3 extra runs…ive lost count at this point…yet ANOTHER error by Dragum. Down 13-2 now…our score keeper trying to help. Only has us for 2 errors. We legitimately should have 4.